Updated Facebook and Twitter apps come to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Z10 social butterflies rejoice! Updated Facebook and Twitter apps are now available for BB10 sporting new features and enhancements over previous iterations. Users should find it easier to "stay connected and do more with social media", according to the Canadian smartphone maker which detailed the changes.

Twitter was previously updated three weeks ago alongside LinkedIn, and the latest iteration only contains more modest improvements by comparison. Twitter 10.0.2 features a Connect tab where users can view all interactions, similar to the Android, iOS or Windows Phone counterparts, a counter which displays the number of favorites for a tweet and the ability to display photos, summaries and other items straight within tweets.

By contrast Facebook 10.0.1 now comes with more significant improvements. The app can list the time when friends have checked-in on Facebook in a nearby location, display events, and allow users to respond, invite friends to attend and create and view posts on the event's wall, post pictures and tag guests. Nothing groundbreaking compared to counterparts on other major platforms, more of a catch-up in terms of features.

Facebook 10.0.1 now also allows users to tag friends on photos when the files are uploaded onto the interwebs, save pictures onto the device, and share links from the news feed to BBM, email and Twitter, among others.

Facebook and Twitter are available to download from the BlackBerry World store.

Photo Credit: ra2 studio/Shutterstock

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