Google Glass apps I really want to see

Your iPhone/Android is cool -- this we know. But, they wouldn’t be half as cool without apps. Apps are the icing on a smartphone -- minus the calories -- and we have a ravenous appetite for them. But cool apps aren’t isolated to just phones any more, as we’ve seen with new tech products like Google Glass.

Glass already has the usual suspects of apps, but what Glass really needs is to go nuts with apps that sound too good to be true.

Apps for the Curious George

Let’s say you’re out in the wilderness and you’re about to step through a field of -- something green and slightly prickly looking. Is that poisonous? Will I get a weird rash from wading through there? Snap a picture and let Google Glass handle the rest.

Apps for the Mechanically Challenged

So, technology is fickle. Lots of wires = lots of questions.

Let’s say you’re having a bit of car trouble -- AKA you open the hood of your car and there’s some smoke and it makes a weird noise when you start it and it’s -- it’s just bad. Take a quick video of your car trouble, snap a picture or two and have Glass lead you in the right direction.

Better yet, let’s also have Glass point us to the nearest auto shop while we’re at it.

Apps for the Runner

Interval running is one of the best ways to get a solid workout in for runners. But who really wants to keep checking their watches every couple of minutes to check when to speed up, slow down and change your pace? No one.

Who would like Glass to tell you, in real-time, your speed, your steps per minute and give you a 10 second countdown so you know when it’s time to pick up the pace? Everyone.

Apps for the IKEA Furniture Lover

IKEA is known for inexpensive, modern furniture -- and for "user-friendly" instructions on how to actually construct the furniture.

Let’s say you’re putting together a dresser -- and you’re holding screws between your teeth, handling directions with one hand and have tools in the other hand.

That does not sound like a positive working environment.

How about instead you take a picture of the directions before you start, and have Glass follow your progress -- so instead of having to keep putting down tools to pick up the instructions, you simply say, "OK Glass, what’s the next step?"

What apps would you love to see for Google Glass?

Photo Credit: cherezoff/Shutterstock

Paul Williams is a mobile game concept artist, overall technology enthusiast, and currently a Senior Writer with  Have a question for Paul?  We encourage you to send him an email.

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