So long Google, Digg Reader marches forward

With the looming death of Google Reader, services are tripping over one another to fill the rather large shoes that the search giant has elected to leave behind. Today Digg announces its latest move towards the RSS future with an update, and included information regarding what the company's progress has wrought.

Digg lets us know that "for our first public release, in time to (just) beat the shutdown of Google Reader, our aim has been to nail the basics: a web and mobile reading experience that is clean, simple, functional, and fast. We’re also introducing a tool that allows users to elevate the most important stories to the top".

With this latest update, we gain more knowledge of what is to be expected in the new app. The social sharing service plans to make the app as fast as possible, keep things simple and allow the import of your feeds.

With that, Digg promises easy migration and onboarding from Google Reader, a clean reading experience that gets out of the way and puts the focus squarely on the articles, posts, images, and videos themselves, useful mobile apps that sync with the web and support for key actions like subscribing, sharing, saving and organizing.

The company also promises numerous updates during the first 60 days following launch. Digg went on to explain, "we mentioned in a prior post that Digg Reader will ultimately be a ‘freemium’ product". But, it promises it is not going to bait-and-switch. All of the features introduced next week, as well as many others yet to come, will be part of the free experience.

So is Digg Reader where you plan to head when Google Reader goes belly-up? Or will it be one of the other major players such as Feedly or the Old Reader. Perhaps you have something else in mind? There is no shortage of alternatives.

Photo Credit:  jörg röse-oberreich/Shutterstock

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