Samsung launches ATIV Beam for NFC file sharing between its Android and Windows Phone lineups

Despite the fact that both operating systems support Near Field Communication (also known as NFC), users cannot transfer files between Android and Windows Phone devices. The implementation is different on the two platforms, with manufacturers complicating things further by employing branded software to handle any interaction. I've learned this the hard way after trying to move files between the Google Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Android and Windows Phone device maker Samsung wants to bridge the NFC gap between the two platforms with ATIV Beam, a new app launched on the tiled smartphone operating system. The software allows ATIV Odyssey and ATIV S users to share files with Android-based Galaxy devices.

It allows anyone to share documents, music, pictures and videos simply by selecting the desired files and tapping devices from the two Samsung lineups.

This app could also allow other Windows Phone 8, non-ATIV users (like those who own a Nokia Lumia or HTC Windows Phone handset) to share files, via NFC, with Galaxy devices but, sadly, Samsung restricts app downloads solely to its ATIV smartphones.

ATIV Beam is available to download from Windows Phone Store.

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