PagerDuty streamlines real-time collaboration with webhooks

The SaaS alert and incident tracking company PagerDuty has announced the addition of webhooks to its software to streamline integration with other tools.

Development teams will be able to improve collaboration and incident response by customizing their web applications. This allows improved reporting and alerting so that, for example, any changes to the status of a logged entry will cause messages to be sent automatically.

It allows two-way integration too. Previously a system such as a helpdesk would only be able to push events to PagerDuty so it could notify people. Thanks to webhooks when a message in PagerDuty changes state the information can be fed back to the originating system.

To demonstrate all this, PagerDuty has worked with the popular private chat and IM service HipChat to integrate the two products. By using webhooks PagerDuty status messages can be rebroadcast to team members via the HipChat system.

"We jumped at the opportunity to integrate PagerDuty with webhooks because of how immediately handy this collaboration would be for both us and our customers – and it was fast and easy to do," says Garret Heaton, Co-Founder of HipChat. "Adding PagerDuty functionality via webhooks not only helps our customers to communicate more seamlessly, but also aids us internally to stay synced about every incident status change".

Existing PagerDuty users will have webhooks enabled immediately. For more information and pricing visit

Photo Credit: alexmillos/Shutterstock

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