Sony announces PS4 release date

At a press conference at Gamescon, Sony revealed the information that hundreds of thousands of gamers have been waiting to hear -- the official launch date of the PlayStation 4.

And there’s not all that long to wait. In just over three months, on November 15 to be precise, the eagerly anticipated console will be made available in the US and Canada.

As is usually the case, other parts of the world have slightly longer to wait – but not too long. The European and Latin American release date has been set for a fortnight later on November 29. Pricing has been pegged at $399.99, undercutting the Xbox by $100, but it is unlikely that this price difference will sway many people away from their console of choice.

But games are what it’s all about. Microsoft has already revealed its list of titles and unveiled its ID@Xbox indie developer program, and now Sony  announces PS4 buyers will have 33 titles to look forward to by the end of December, with at least 180 other games already in development.

While there has been no official date announced for the release of the PS4’s rival, Xbox One, Microsoft has said that its console will be on sale some time in November as well. The Xbox One and PS4 are both already available for pre-order.

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