Put on some gentle music and drift off with Pandora

Pandora, the popular music service, is adding yet another feature to its mobile app. The customizable radio station service, built on the Music Genome project, splits its time between development and fighting for its right to be treated as a radio station in the eyes of the MPAA.

Today the service announces an update to the mobile app that brings a new sleep timer feature for both free and "One" customers. "Today I’m thrilled to share that we’re releasing a new version of our Pandora mobile app for both iOS and Android that contains one of our top-requested new product features from listeners: a Sleep Timer. With the new Sleep Timer in version 4.5 of our app, you can now fall asleep to the sounds of your favorite Pandora stations", says Pandora's Mike Grishaver.

To use this new enhancement you simply need to begin playing your station of choice, then hit the menu button. From there you will spot the sleep timer. Click on it and you will be able to choose from increments of 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

The company also took the time to point out that "we’re also dedicated to listening to our listeners and personally answer every inquiry that comes in to our support team whether it’s via email (to the tune of more than 50,000 emails a month!) or our social channels".

Pandora may be gaining stiff competition from rivals, but it remains one of the better, cheaper and more popular contenders on today's music scene.

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