Google grabs a third of online ad revenue

There is money to be made from online advertising, particularly if you happen to be Google. Research by Statista shows that in 2012, there was around $104b in advertising revenue sloshing around in the coffers of various companies. Projected figures show that 2013 is likely to even more profitable, with ad revenue expect to rise to $117.6b. This is not as great an increase as between 2011 and 2012, but it is still a climb.

It is the big names who are raking in the cash, with Google coming out on top. The search giant is expected to pocket $38.6b by the end of the year, equating to very nearly a third worldwide income from online advertisements.

The other names appearing in the list are, for the most part the usual suspects, but it is perhaps surprising just how far ahead of the pack Google finds itself.

Taking second place in the top ten is Facebook. Despite the size of the social networking site, the company is expected to benefit to the tune of $6.4b from online ads. This is not a small figure looked at in its own right, but it is a sixth of what Google manages to make.

There are a few other surprises to be found in the chart. Yahoo makes less than one tenth of Google ($3.5b) while LinkedIn, finding itself in tenth place, pulls in just one percent of Google's ad revenue. Online retailer Amazon finds itself in seventh place, with earnings expected to hit around $0.8b.

The full projections can be found in a suitably sexy graph from the Statista website.

Photo Credit: Robynrg/Shutterstock

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