iolo System Mechanic 12 promises deeper repair tools, better system stability

Los Angeles software developer iolo Technologies has released System Mechanic 12.0 and System Mechanic Professional 12.0, major updates to its flagship PC stability and optimization tool.

Also available in cut-down freeware form, version 12.0 boasts major new stability tools, improved cleaning and expanded malware engine, plus full certification with the forthcoming Windows 8.1.

Version 12 opens with the promise of deeper error correction using a brand new Core Data Recalibrator tool, which detects and repairs problems with Windows’ central communication systems. When corrupt, these systems can produce all kinds of erratic behavior from false alarms and incorrect reports to unreliable hardware.

Coupled with this new tool is the Stability Guard, which provides an at-a-glance overview of the user’s PC over an extended period, documenting the major changes at both application and system level to help root out issues and fix them.

The two new tools are joined by an improved software bloat removal tool in the form of the updated CRUDD Remover, which helps to eliminate programs the user may not have installed themselves or in fact ever used. The tool has been enhanced to detect more than 150 additional categories of redundant software to help speed up performance further.

Tune-Up Definitions -- iolo’s weekly updates that help improve stability -- is also enhanced, and now offers over 36,000 independently identified solutions to common issues arising from regular use. System Mechanic also bundles its own System Shield antivirus and antispyware engines, and claims version 12’s engine is more comprehensive than ever without adding extra bloat to the user’s system.

Version 12 also comes certified for use with Windows 8.1, offering a new exclusive Winspresso app that claims to reclaim RAM from background apps not in use with a single click. Also included is a PC Health Status App, designed to provide a convenient glance at efficiency and health from the Modern UI.

System Mechanic Free 12.0, System Mechanic 12.0 and System Mechanic Pro 12.0 are all available as downloads for PC users. At the time of writing, the downloads install version 11.7 of the software, but this is automatically updated to latest build shortly after the program finishes installing. Users can purchase a "Whole Home License" of System Mechanic 12.0 for just $34.95 at the Downloadcrew Software Store, a saving of 30 per cent on the MSRP. The license covers all of the PCs in a single household for one year.

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