Facebook adds posts, status updates and more to Graph Search

Facebook's Graph Search is being updated to include more information from the social network. The personalized search engine previously allowed for searching of people, photos, places and interests when it was launched back at the beginning of the year. Now posts from you and your friends as well as status updates can be included in searches allowing you to get even more specific about what you're looking for.

Also included in the update is the ability to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments. There are various ways in which searches can be used to hone in on the content you're looking for, and natural language searching is the order of the day. Want to see the posts your online contacts have made about Microsoft's latest operating system? Just search for "posts about Windows 8.1 by my friends". Results can be limited by date as well, so you could search for "posts about Nexus 7 from the last month".

As with the previous incarnation of Graph Search, this updated version will not enable you to see content that has not been shared with you. Just as before, the tool respects privacy settings so -- in theory at least -- your searches should only return results that include data that has been shared with you or made publicly available. The announcement comes hot on the heals of another addition to Facebook which makes it possible to edit statuses after they've been posted.

The initial roll out of Graph Search back in January was a beta that gradually spread across the network. This time around, the updated options are only being made available to "a small group of people who currently have Graph Search". Facebook says that improvements will be made based on user feedback.

Test out the tool at the Graph Search page.

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