WildPackets gives enterprises improved network analysis

As business networks get faster it's inevitable that traffic levels increase. But often older network and security tools can't keep up with the latest 10G and 40G data rates which means admins can be left in the dark about what's happening on their networks.

A study by TRAC Research has found that 59 percent of IT leaders are concerned about the number of dropped packets and 51 percent are concerned about the reliability of data captured by current network analysis solutions.

To address these issues, WildPackets' new Omnipliance analysis and recording appliances offer an affordable and accurate set of tools for monitoring faster networks. The appliances come in three flavors: Omnipliance CX is the most affordable and ideal for small and medium businesses or branch offices. Omnipliance MX is built for data centers and constantly monitors the health of the network using network traffic capture, recording and deep packet inspection technology. Omnipliance TL can packet capture at 20Gbps and enables continuous network traffic capture, allowing for analysis of historical network traffic and for quick data retrieval of troubleshooting information.

"Our research shows that organizations are skeptical that traditional network analysis tools can keep up with today's high-speed networks", says Bojan Simic, president and principal analyst at TRAC Research. "WildPackets' new Omnipliance line is providing a unique solution for addressing the key challenges for monitoring and troubleshooting the performance of high-speed networks".

In order to cope with the extra data generated the new products also include OmniStorage, a range of disk arrays that provide additional external storage for Omnipliance TL. The arrays come in 32 TB, 48 TB, and 64 TB sizes and allow capture and recording of high-speed data traffic for longer periods.

"Our new Omnipliance line addresses the real issues experienced as companies move to faster network speeds", says Timothy McCreery, president and CEO of WildPackets. "Visibility, data precision and affordability are no longer tradeoffs. The new Omnipliances deliver unprecedented performance and analytical accuracy at an affordable price for networks of any size. These new appliances are a continuation of WildPackets' commitment to providing customers with network forensics they can trust".

More information on the range is available on the WildPackets website.

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