Backup4all gains cloud backup support

Romanian developer Softland has announced the release of Backup4all 5.0, a major update of its flagship backup package.

As previously, the program is available in Lite ($19.99), Standard ($39.99) and Professional (currently $49.99) editions. And perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the high-end Backup4all Professional edition which gains the most, with support for backing up to Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 destinations.

Backup4all Standard and Professional can now run block-level backups (copying only the modified parts of a file), which could significantly improve performance in some situations.

Every Backup4all 5.0 edition gives the user more control, with options to suspend the application, stop or cancel any backup jobs. Although if a scheduled backup is missed, for this or any other reason, it’s no longer a big deal: the program can automatically run it later.

There are new test and repair tools which use CRC to check that your files have been backed up properly, and the backup is valid. (This is particularly useful with cloud backups, but works everywhere.)

Restore operations can now be automated via the scheduler, or by initiating them from the command line in your own scripts.

And all this extra functionality is presented in a revamped interface, complete with a customizable ribbon, quick access toolbar, notification messages, Explorer integration and more. If this sounds like something you need, then a 30-day trial version of Backup4all 5.0 is available now.

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