Be yourself… but be all you can be!

I believe that every individual possesses within them the innate ability to be great. To me, being great means being yourself... to the power of 10. It means tapping into your full potential so that you can be all you can be.

In today’s digital era, there are a myriad of opportunities for expressing your inner greatness and allowing it to shine forth for all the world to appreciate. Self-publishing has become easier than ever, whether that be via personal blog, social media, website or ebook.

Since 2008, I’ve been encouraging women from all walks of life to unleash their greatness potential. I am the author, designer and webmaster of, a non-profit, ad-free networking support site that I operate on my personal time because I care about people and want to make a positive difference in their lives. While the site is targeted primarily to women, much of the content is non-gender specific. Topics include personal fitness, health and nutrition, personal development and personal style, which apply equally to men and women.

In addition, I recently published Sleeping with the Enemy, a modern day love story that combines embezzlement, murder, passion and deceit with a light hearted look at that crazy little thing we call love. Because it was my first publishing venture I used the services of a professional self-publishing company, but with iTunes, Kobo and other online book retailers now accepting self-published work from individuals and providing detailed instructions for how to upload it to their store, I could have also done it on my own.

Telling your own personal story in your own personal way is easier than you might think. There is a large community of caring individuals on the World Wide Web who are generously sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of people like you and me. Much of what I learned about php coding, MySQL database structure and website development in general came from programmers who operate support sites similar to mine. Like me, their primary motivation is to help others be successful.

If you’re not sure how or where to begin, I can assure you that Google is a great place to start. Odds are very good your search will lead you to someone who’s been there before and is willing to share what they’ve learned. Whether it’s fact or fiction, for profit or not, in support of an existing cause or the start of a new one, you can pursue your passion in the digital world. Doing so will help you maximize your greatness potential and be all you can be.

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Lisa Dyble is an author/webmaster who strives to empower women to maximize their full potential in all areas of their lives. Her projects can be viewed at and

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