New Oracle Retail Suite aims to improve the shopping experience

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The internet has changed the way we shop. Even if you don't buy online you’re likely to check prices before hitting the stores or use click and collect services to ensure what you want is in stock.

With its latest Retail Suite Oracle allows retailers to respond to these trends and remove the boundaries between the different supply channels.

New features and functionality in Oracle Retail version 14 make it easier for customers to buy items no matter where the stock is located. Store-level inventory can be made visible online, plus there's real-time inventory look up for items in other stores along with support for orders and take-with items in the same transaction. Customers can buy and pick up items from any channel. There's also support for returning purchases regardless of the channel they were bought from.

It makes life easier for developers too with rich APIs and the ability to accommodate modular development over an evolving mix of systems.

The new release offers enhanced support for mobile devices. It can help store staff with mobile point of sale devices, tablets and assisted promotions. Retail Suite also ensures better visibility of promotions and can drive in-store merchandising and dashboards.

"In the global retail industry we have seen a shift of capital from building and refurbishing stores to digital commerce and creating new and differentiated customer interactions. Retailers are focused on enabling the whole retail enterprise to deliver commerce anywhere," says Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Retail.

Oracle Retail can be implemented as a complete suite or in modular form, making it scalable for different sizes of business. Oracle has sought to simplify development in order to maximize return on investment and help lower cost of ownership. An improved dashboard system means retailers can quickly identify transaction volumes, average response times, and errors to help ensure critical systems are operating at maximum efficiency.

You can find out more about Oracle Retail 14 on the company's website.

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