Remotely monitor and manage your PCs with O&O Syspectr

O&O Software has released O&O Syspectr, a remote PC monitoring and management service.

Install the compact client on your target systems, and a browser-based console allows you to view running processes, installed software, Windows security issues (UAC turned off, missing antivirus software, a failing firewall), connected USB devices, basic hard drive details (space free/ used, S.M.A.R.T. status), and more.

O&O Syspectr can also remotely shut down or restart your client PCs, or you’re able to access them directly via Remote Desktop and Remote Console tools.

If all this sounds a little too "hands on", it doesn’t have to involve that much work. Log on occasionally and you’re able to access a list of recent events for each target computer. There’s also an "email notification" option, although we couldn’t see any explanation of how that’s supposed to work.

We spotted one or two issues with Syspectr. The Remote Desktop window can’t be launched from Internet Explorer 11, as it’s blocked by the pop-up blocker. Event and other times appear to use CET, rather than being localised to the time zone of the user. Some interface elements still use the original German ("Zeitraum" on the History display, while another dialog sternly warned us that "ist mit diesem Rechner verbunden"). There’s no significant help, either.

Still, the core O&O Syspectr functionality works well. The free version is surprisingly capable, allowing you to manage up to 10 PCs. The paid version adds more (server and virtual machine monitoring, unlimited email notifications, unlimited remote desktop sessions, phone support). It’s reasonably priced at a monthly 1 Euro ($1.36) per PC, 5 Euros ($6.80) for each server, and there’s a no-strings 30-day trial available, no credit card required. Take a look.

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