Want to learn Linux in an online classroom? Now you can, for free

While self-learning and real-world experience are both great types of education, there is still something to be said for a quality, structured classroom lesson. College is a great place for structured learning, but the costs can be overwhelming. Even though education and self improvement are great investments, no one wants to be buried in student loan debt.

If you are interested in learning, the subject of Linux is a great choice. After all, more and more businesses are utilizing Linux-based operating systems, while Android and Chrome OS are increasing in popularity. Luckily, the Linux Foundation has partnered with edX to bring free Linux courses to the masses.


"The Linux Foundation and edX are partnering to develop a MOOC program that will help address this issue by making basic Linux training materials available to all for free. Previously a $2,400 course, Introduction to Linux will be the first class available as a MOOC and will be free to anyone, anywhere. The Linux Foundation is among a new group of member organizations edX announced today who will contribute courses to the platform.", says the foundation.

Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation shares, "our mission is to advance Linux and that includes ensuring we have a talent pool of Linux professionals. To widen that talent pool and give more people access to the opportunities in the Linux community and IT industry, we are making our training program more accessible to users worldwide. We are partnering with the leader in MOOCs to enable this access".

Signing up for Introduction to Linux is simple -- it takes maybe 3 minutes, entering my details and a few mouse clicks. Even though I am already proficient in the kernel, I figure it can't hurt to brush up. Who knows, maybe I will learn something new.

Overall, this is a great move for both the Linux and technology communities. Knowledge of Linux is beneficial even if the student never uses the knowledge in direct practice. Indirectly, learning a new way of thinking about computers can birth new ideas and nurture forward thinking leaders for tomorrow.

Will you sign up? Tell me in the comments.

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9 Responses to Want to learn Linux in an online classroom? Now you can, for free

  1. disciplerob says:

    I just signed up, thanks.

  2. ghammer says:

    I'm in, thanks for the useful info!

  3. Bob Grant says:


    Signing up right now...

  4. jamvaru says:

    welcome to the future

  5. Marie-Jo Jones says:

    Good but course starts only in summer...

  6. async2013 says:

    Already signed up my kids to this although Brian I really do disagree with this part of your story,

    "Knowledge of Linux is beneficial even if the student never uses the knowledge in direct practice."

    Gaining any experience of the Linux kernel is beneficial and being a Linux engineer is the only part of IT that is now booming and wanting more and more jobs with this experience and the pay for these jobs is increasing every year.

    The Linux kernel and its philosophy is the future of IT

    • I was referring to any profession, not just IT. A fireman, psychologist, etc. Technology can be applied to any profession. Just knowing that computing is more than Windows is a benefit, as it provides alternative thinking and views.

    • swattz101 says:

      "Linux is the only part of IT that is now booming" - Really?

      There is more call for security...network security, programing security, desktop security, cloud security. Knowing Linux can be a big part of these, but by far is not the only part of IT that continues to grow.

  7. genar0 says:

    signed up

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