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GeIL EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory has integrated cooling fans

Actively-cooled computer memory is nothing new. For many years, companies have offered add-on fans that clip onto your RAM sticks in an effort to reduce heat. Some computer-makers even sell machines with these fans installed from the factory.

Today, however, GeIL takes actively-cooled RAM to a whole new level. You see, its new "EVO V DDR5 RGB Hardcore Gaming Memory" (yes, that is the full product name) comes with little fans built into the heat spreaders! Apparently, these fans are powered by the RAM slot and no additional power source is needed. How friggin' sweet is that? And yes, as the product name implies, this RAM offers customizable RGB lighting too.

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Amazon Fire 7 (2022) tablet is very cheap

Nobody really wants a Fire 7 tablet. Most consumers would prefer an iPad or proper Android device with Google Play support. So why are Amazon's tablets being purchased? Price. Yes, folks, Amazon's little tablet is very cheap, making it a fairly decent consumption device for young children and the elderly. Don't want to spend too much on grandma for her birthday? Get her a Fire 7 tablet. She will think it is an iPad even though it is just a cheap knock-off with dismal performance.

Today, Amazon once again refreshes the Fire 7, and despite sky-high inflation, the tablet remains inexpensive. You see, the 2022 variant of the 7-inch tablet can be had for just $59.99, making it pretty much a disposable device. At that price, if it gets broken, who even cares? If you are concerned about your child breaking it, you can opt for a special "Kids" model for $109.99 that comes with a rugged case and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

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The OWC Envoy Pro mini SSD could be the coolest USB flash drive ever

Everybody loves USB flash drives, so it's a good thing there's no shortage of them on the market. If you want a flash drive, you can absolutely find one in stores -- unlike baby formula. There are many makes and models of USB flash drives with various capacities and transfer speeds, but of course, not all of them are of good quality.

With all of that said, only one flash drive can truly be the coolest ever. Today, OWC launches a drive that could be the one. Called "Envoy Pro mini," it is a tiny portable SSD that offers both USB-C and USB-A connectivity. In other words, the high-quality drive will work with pretty much any computer. Best of all, the beautifully engineered USB drive looks to be built like a tank and offers very impressive performance of up to 946MB/s!

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TP-link officially launches its Tapo smart home brand, but what about Kasa?

TP-Link has become one of my favorite manufacturers of networking hardware. When someone asks my advice on a router, I often steer them towards TP-Link. Why? Because the company's products are both dependable and affordable. For instance, you can score a quality Wi-Fi 6 router for under $70.

I am also a fan of TP-Link's Kasa line of smart home products -- light bulbs, cameras, power outlet adapters, and more. So I was a bit confused earlier today when the company officially launched its new "Tapo" smart home brand in the USA. Why do Kasa and Tapo both need to exist? Would the latter replace the former? Well, I reached out to TP-Link for an explanation and the company replied with one.

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Silicon Power USB combo card reader works with both SD and microSD cards

It's 2022 and the world's transition to USB-C should, in theory, be complete by now. The thing is, however, it simply isn't. Despite USB-C being superior to USB-A in every way, consumers haven't been keen on moving to the new connector. As more and more consumers and businesses hold onto older computers (that don't have USB-C) for longer periods of time, USB-A remains the dominant connector.

And so, a new card reader from Silicon Power that uses USB-A rather than USB-C totally makes sense. This new combo card reader from the company is compatible with both SD and microSD cards (not simultaneously), making it incredibly useful. The retractable USB-A connector allows it to be protected when not in use, meaning it should prove a good option for portability. And yes, it has a lanyard loop option.

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The Silicon Power Blaze B07 USB-A flash drive can kill germs and keep you healthy

With cloud storage continuing to grow in popularity, USB flash drives have largely fallen out of favor with consumers. Maybe that's not such a bad thing, as USB flash drives are both easy to lose and are susceptible to failure -- the cloud is arguably more safe and secure. With that said, there should always be a need for local storage; sometimes you just can't trust certain documents, such as company secrets, to the cloud.

Understandably, it is hard to get excited about a new USB flash drive these days. However, a new USB-A offering from Silicon Power is actually quite interesting. Called "Blaze B07," it looks like a standard flash drive, but it has a really cool stand-out feature -- it is coated in an antibacterial substance in an effort to fight germs and sickness! This would be very beneficial in an office setting where a flash drive is passed around from person to person.

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The Google Pixel 6a is affordable and looks great, but you can't buy the damn thing!

The Google Pixel 6a was announced today, and there is both good and bad news regarding it. The good news is, the Android smartphone doesn't cost an arm, nor does it cost a leg. Yes, as is typical with Google's "a" smartphones, the 6a is inexpensive. This is very much appreciated at a time when inflation is causing everything to be so expensive. The bad news we can touch on in a bit...

Despite being fairly affordable at just $450, the Pixel 6a is powered by the famed Google Tensor processor that is also found in both the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The Pixel 6a has some other nice specifications too. For instance, you get 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, and that's it -- there's only one configuration to be had. I rather like that strategy, as it makes things less confusing for consumers.

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PNY Pro Elite V2 USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 Type-C Portable SSD is fast and tiny

While solid state drives make wonderful internal boot drives for computers, they are also great options for external storage. Not only are SSDs much smaller than mechanical hard disk drives, but they use less power and are much faster too.

Today, PNY launches its latest external solid state drive, and it is both beautiful and fast. Called "Pro Elite V2," this diminutive USB-C SSD uses the USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 interface to achieve speeds up to 1,100 MB/s!

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Teracube Thrive is a sustainable Android 12 smartphone that can monitor your children

Like it or not, children of all ages have smartphones these days. Long gone are the days where kids could just be outdoors without technology. While parents surely wish their little ones would just play hide-and-seek or baseball like in the good ol' days, instead, kids seem to just want to be on YouTube and TikTok. It is what it is, folks.

Thankfully, parents can still be in control of their child's online activity. There are apps and services which allow you to monitor and limit what your kids do while using a smartphone. Today, Teracube announces a new child-focused smartphone designed specifically for this purpose. Called "Thrive," it runs a specialized version of Android 12 designed to empower parents. And yes, like Teracube's other devices, Thrive is built with sustainability in mind.

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Fedora Linux 36 is finally here and it is much better than Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a great Linux-based operating system that seems to get all the attention. Truth be told, however, Fedora is the better Linux distribution. Hell, some would argue it is the overall best distro. Quite frankly, if you are an open source champion, you should be using Fedora. It is the perfect no-nonsense distribution, and best of all, it largely focuses on truly free and open source software.

Today, following some delays, Fedora 36 finally becomes available for download. While hardly an exciting update, this new version of the Linux-based operating system is notable for utilizing GNOME 42 and kernel 5.17. Plus, for those using an NVIDIA GPU and driver, you will now get Wayland by default. You can read full release notes here.

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Silicon Power launches SO-DIMM DDR5 laptop RAM with 4,800MHz clock speed

When you are a computer enthusiast or PC builder, there are peaks and valleys when it comes to excitement about internal components. Sometimes you are using desktops and/or laptops with bleeding-edge parts as an early adopter, while other times you are using ho-hum components that have been around a while. For instance, we have been using DDR4 memory for approximately seven years now.

Thankfully, the age of DDR5 is finally here, y'all! After dealing with DDR4 for so many years now, we are finally seeing PCs with DDR5 memory inside -- including laptops and mini desktop PCs that use SO-DIMM sticks. Today, Silicon Power unveils some really cool DDR5 notebook memory. This laptop/mini desktop RAM runs at an impressive 4,800MHz and comes in capacities ranging from 8GB (single stick) to 64GB (2x32GB).

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TEAMGROUP launches T-FORCE VULCAN Z 2.5-inch SATA SSD for gamers

M.2 NVMe solid state drives are much faster than 2.5-inch SATA versions -- the former is clearly the future. And yet, companies continue to manufacture new models of the latter. But why? It is quite simple -- many computers don't have M.2 ports, so those types of drives are of no use to people with older computers. Not to mention, SATA SSDs are still more than fast enough, making them great drop-in upgrades.

With all of that said, today, TEAMGROUP launches a new 2.5-inch SATA SSD under its T-FORCE gaming brand. Called "VULCAN Z," it has a beautiful matte-black body and is offered in capacities ranging from 240GB to 2TB. While it is designed for gamers, it can, of course, be used by any computer user in need of a quality 2.5-inch SSD.

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AMD turns its attention to Chromebooks with new Ryzen 5000 C-Series processors

AMD Ryzen laptop

While Chromebooks are often great, there is a big problem -- a lack of AMD processors. Most laptops running Chrome OS are powered by Intel or ARM-based chips. Wouldn't it be great if AMD released some new specialized processors designed for Chromebooks specifically?

Well, folks, AMD has done exactly that with the all-new Ryzen 5000 C-Series processors. There are four such chips coming to market -- the dual-core Ryzen 3 5125C, quad-core Ryzen 3 5425C, hexa-core Ryzen 5 5625C, and octa-core Ryzen 7 5825C. These processors are based on Zen 3 architecture and AMD says they will be paired with Wi-Fi 6E/Bluetooth 5.2 modules -- likely its own RZ600 series radio chips it co-designed with MediaTek.

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Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card puts longevity and durability over speed

Speed is great, but it isn't always the most important thing. For instance, a very fast car is surely fun, but if the vehicle is unreliable and dangerous, who really cares about speed? I'd rather arrive to my location alive and without breaking down -- even if it takes a bit longer.

That is sort of the philosophy behind Samsung's newest "PRO Endurance" microSD card. Rather than focus on raw performance, this card is instead designed for longevity and durability. It is an ideal storage solution for surveillance cameras, police body-cameras, automobile dash-cams, and more. With all of that said, while the card isn't the fastest on the market, it isn't really slow either -- it offers up to 100MB/s read and up to 40MB/s write.

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Apple Music comes to Roku

Apple Music is the best streaming music service. Yes, it is much better than Spotify. This is fact. I know this to be true, as I have used both and found Apple's offering to be superior. Apple Music isn't limited to the company's own devices like iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV either -- it can also be accessed on Android and the web, for instance.

Today, Apple Music comes to yet another platform -- Roku. Yes, whether you have a Roku media box or TV with Roku integrated, you can now access Apple Music with it. How cool is that?

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