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Chinese-made Linux distribution deepin 23 Preview now available for download

Created and maintained by Chinese developers, deepin has long been considered one of the prettiest Linux-based operating systems. Understandably, due to its development happening in China, many people do not trust the distribution -- especially with biometrics being added. Not to mention the recent dustup over Taiwan and apparent ongoing genocide.

If you are someone that trusts deepin despite its country of origin, however, I have some really exciting news. Today, an official public preview of the upcoming deepin 23 becomes available for download. The developers highlight the inclusion of the new "Linglong" package format, atomic updates, and new repositories.

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Plugable UD-6950PDH USB-C Dual 4K Display Docking Station features 100W charging

USB-C docking stations are very common these days. Hell, websites like Amazon are littered with countless makes and models. Of course, not all of them are good, nor do they offer the same things. Features can vary from dock to dock, such as the number of USB ports or video outputs. I recommend sticking with reputable brands such as Kensington,, and Plugable to name a few.

Speaking of Plugable, today, that company launches a USB-C docking station that can push two 4K displays at 60Hz at once. Called "UD-6950PDH," the dock also offers 100W of charging and provides an impressive 13 useful ports, including Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A, and both SD and micro SD card readers.

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Das Keyboard launches MacTigr wired mechanical keyboard for Mac

While Apple's Magic Keyboards are actually quite good (unlike its terrible Magic Mouse), there is one unfortunate fact -- the company simply doesn't make a mechanical keyboard. And so, if you want such a keyboard for your Mac, you will have to depend on a third-party company. The problem there, however, is there are so many keyboard makers these days, it can be hard to know which are actually good. Sadly, there are many that are terrible.

Well, folks, Das Keyboard has a new Apple-focused USB-C keyboard called "MacTigr," and if you aren't aware, that company is one of the most respected keyboard manufacturers out there. Seriously, you can never go wrong with a Das Keyboard product. Not only is MacTigr built like tank, the wired keyboard is loaded with many excellent features.

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Following bug-related delay, Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) is finally here

Earlier this month, we shared the news that Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (code-named "Jammy Jellyfish") was being delayed. Sadly, the first point release of this wildly popular operating system version was being pushed back an entire week -- an absolute eternity in the world of Linux.

Well, folks, a week has passed, and thankfully, Canonical stayed true to its word (this time) and sorted the show-stopping Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1 issue. Yes, the major bug that caused snaps not to open on computers that used the OEM install option is now resolved. Even better, starting today, Canonical will being prompting Ubuntu 20.04 users to upgrade to Jammy Jellyfish.

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Lexar releases Professional GOLD Series CFexpress Type A card and USB 3.2 Gen 2 reader

If you are a professional photographer/videographer or just an enthusiast interested in the latest-and-greatest technologies, you may already be using CFexpress Type A cards. For those of you that are unfamiliar, however, please know these media storage cards are designed to be extremely fast. You will need a camera that is compatible with this new standard though.

Today, Lexar releases its latest such product. Called "Professional GOLD Series," this new CFexpress Type A card offers both high speeds and durability -- perfect for creators on the go. In addition to the actual card, the company has also released a new 3.2 Gen 2 reader that is compatible with both CFexpress Type A and SD cards.

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Glorious unveils GMMK Numpad

I absolutely hate keyboards with number pads. Why? Because I do not use the number pad -- I use the numbers on the top row of the keyboard. And so, having a number pad on my keyboard is simply wasteful. It causes the keyboard to be wider than necessary, taking up extra space on my desk. This is why I prefer tenkeyless keyboards.

Understandably, some people do prefer having a number pad. Wouldn't it be cool if number pads were simply always offered as a separate accessory? While dedicated number pads have been around for years, a new such gaming-focused product from Glorious might be the coolest ever. Called "GMMK Numpad," this macro pad connects via Bluetooth, but it can charge and connect using USB-C too. The mechanical pad even features a knob and slider. Best of all, it can be extensively configured by the user.

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ADATA ACE 6400 DDR5 Limited Edition RAM is the cutest computer memory ever

Can computer memory be cute? No, seriously. Can it be? While it is easy to say no to that question -- I would have said no just yesterday -- some new RAM from ADATA has turned my world upside down. You see, we now actually live in a world where cute memory exists. Seriously.

Today, ADATA launches some new DDR5 memory called ACE 6400, and while it looks like nice RAM from a specifications perspective, it is also a bit plain and boring aesthetically. The memory features a generic silver-colored heat spreader. What is truly exciting, however, is the Limited Edition variant of the RAM as it features a super-cute design. As you can see, its heat spreader is adorned with friggin' colorful flowers. Heck, even the packaging is cute!

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New Ubuntu Linux version tragically delayed by serious bug

Canonical is usually quite dependable when it comes to Ubuntu releases. When a new version of the Linux-based operating system is expected, it usually becomes available on time.

Sadly, Ubuntu 22.04.1 won't become available today as expected -- a huge gut-punch to the Linux community. Why is Canonical disappointing fans of the operating system? Well, it seems a serious bug has caused the tragic delay. This serious issue causes snaps not to run on computers that use the OEM install option.

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OWC Envoy Pro FX external SSD now available in 4TB capacity

Last year, in the beginning of 2021, we told you about the Envoy Pro FX -- an external solid state drive from OWC. What made this particular SSD special was its use of two chipsets to maximize compatibility with both Thunderbolt and regular USB-C. The drive even comes with a dongle to make it compatible with USB-A.

And now, in 2022, OWC is giving the Envoy Pro FX a capacity boost. While the SSD remains the same in all other ways, as of today, it can now be had with a 4TB capacity option. Previously, the drive was limited to 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes. As you can see, 4TB is a pretty significant increase.

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Plugable USBC-VAMETER3 is an upgraded USB-C voltage and amperage meter

Last year, we told you about Plugable's second generation USBC-VAMETER -- a dongle with an OLED screen that can monitor USB-C voltage and amperage. The second gen variant was similar to the original, but it added a rotatable screen orientation -- a very welcome addition.

Today, Plugable launches the third generation of its useful dongle. Called "USBC-VAMETER3," it has the same rotatable screen technology found on gen 2, but it gets some power upgrades. The third gen model now supports 48V (4.5V-50V) compared to 20V (4V-20V) on the gen 2 model. The third generation variant also supports 240W compared to just 100W on its predecessor.

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ADATA launches LEGEND 960 PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 2280 SSD for PC and Sony PlayStation 5

M.2 solid state drives are great options for both laptops and desktop PCS. Hell, if you add such a drive to a compatible enclosure (such as this one), you can transform it into a portable SSD too. But did you know you can upgrade the storage of your PlayStation 5 video game console by adding an M.2 drive?

Today, ADATA launches a new M.2 SSD that is designed for both PCs and the PlayStation 5. Called "LEGEND 960," this PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 2280 SSD offers impressive speeds and will be initially offered in your choice of two capacities -- 1TB and 2TB. ADATA promises a 4TB variant will be available at the end of August.

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Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 21 'Vanessa' now available for download

Just yesterday, we told you 4MLinux 40 was available for download. We also stated 4MLinux was an operating system that simply didn't need to exist. Another such distribution that isn't necessary anymore is Linux Mint. While Mint is a very solid OS, the brutal truth is, users would be wise to just use the operating system on which it is based -- Ubuntu.

But OK, many people have been using Linux Mint for years and they are not interested in changing their ways. Fair enough. If you are such a person that is prepared to "ride or die" with Linux Mint, today, the latest version of the operating system is officially released. Code-named "Vanessa," Linux Mint 21 can be downloaded immediately.

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4MLinux 40.0 achieves stable status, but does anyone actually care?

You know what annoys me most about the Linux comuniuty? There are too many gosh darn operating systems based on the Linux kernel. And yes, too much choice can be a bad thing. You see, new Linux users often find themselves overwhelmed with the number of distributions from which to choose. Even worse, having many distros causes resources to be spread too thin. Desktop Linux would be better off if developers worked together on just a handful of operating systems (such as Debian and Fedora).

But no. The Linux community can't operate as a cohesive unit. Instead, it must be fragmented and confusing. Such is life, I suppose. With all of that said, version 40.0 of 4MLinux -- an operating system that probably doesn't need to exist -- is now available for download. The lightweight distribution has officially achieved stable status, and the developers are hopeful you will choose their offering over the plethora of alternatives.

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MINISFORUM NUCXI5 and NUCXI7 Windows 11 mini PCs have NVIDIA GeForce graphics

Mini desktop computers are all the rage these days, as consumers shy away from the giant towers of yesteryear. Tiny desktops are great for those that don't have a lot of desk space. These days, small computers are pretty powerful too, although they usually only have integrated graphics. In other words, they often lack discrete graphics, which means they aren't ideal for modern PC gaming.

Popular mini-desktop-maker, MINISFORUM, has two new offerings that actually do come with dedicated NVIDIA graphics. The ultra-slim desktop PCs are powered by 11th gen Intel Core processors. Called "NUCXI5" and "NUCXI7," the former is powered by a Core i5, while the latter is equipped with an i7.

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How to get Google Pixel 6a for free

Google's Pixel phones are a dream come true for vanilla-Android fans -- on paper, at least. Sadly, the search giant has failed mightily when it comes to its phones, as the devices are often riddled with bugs. The Pixel line of phones just can't stand up to the high-quality hardware and software Apple provides with the iPhone.

If you still want a Pixel phone, however, but are concerned about it being buggy, then it would be foolish to buy one -- especially at full price. What if the device was free, though? Well, if it costs nothing, then maybe it is worth taking the gamble and dealing with potential bugs. Well, folks, I am happy to report that you can get Google's newest phone, the Pixel 6a, for free when signing up with either Xfinity Mobile or Comcast Business Mobile.

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