Happy 8th Birthday Twitter! Celebrate by reliving your first Tweet

Social media has become so entrenched in modern society, that it is hard to remember life without it. It almost feels as if services like Facebook have always been with us. Remember though, these networks are still relatively new phenomenons.

That said, Twitter is surprisingly rather long in the tooth. Even though it feels like a newcomer to the social media scene, it will be 8 years old tomorrow. Rather than celebrate with cake or presents, the company has decided to give users a new "First-Tweets" tool.

"In 2006, people began to say a little something on Twitter through 140-character bursts of plain text. Eight years later, our users have transformed Twitter into place where you can discover new ideas, make real human connections and express yourself freely. So as we mark our 8th birthday, we’d like to say thank you -- to you", says Gabriel Stricker,VP, Marketing & Communications, Twitter.

Stricker further says, "using this Tweet tool, you can look back to find your very first Tweet -- or for that matter, anyone else's. Just type in your @username, or that of anyone -- your best pal, favorite comedian, a star or a president".

Here are the first-ever tweets by some of the BetaNews team:

  • Mark Wilson (@MarkWilsonWords) -- wondering why the internet is so slow tonight -- 3:05 PM -- 27 Mar 2007
  • Mihaita Bamburic (@MihaitaBamburic) -- Here's what Tom Ford says on Top Gear page: "we found the secret button in the glovebox and went out in the car again" -- 10:54 AM -- 15 Apr 2010
  • Joe Wilcox (@joewilcox) -- Zune, blogging -- 10:12 PM -- 25 Dec 2006
  • Alan Buckingham (@alanbuckingham) -- The Back button on my Zune 2 has become unreliable. I hate pushing it 3-4 times to get back! -- 8:56 AM -- 4 Jul 2008
  • Ian Barker (@IanDBarker) -- Reprogramming the hard drive recorder - grrrr! -- 3:01 PM -- 12 Feb 2009
  • Wayne Williams (@Waynewill1) -- Eating sandwiches -- 8:12 AM -- 13 Jul 2007
  • Brian Fagioli (@brianfagioli) -- Getting worried about Windows 8. Might be time to go Linux full time. Need to decide on a distro. Leaning towards LinuxMint... -- 12:38 AM -- 25 May 2012

Well, the most interesting thing to be learned from this tool is that Joe and Alan were the two people that bought Zunes. But seriously, this tool is rather interesting as it serves as a time-machine to the tweets of yesteryear. It is a great way to celebrate Twitter's Birthday, as it is fun and nostalgic -- two things every good birthday needs.

What was your first tweet? Share it in the comments.

Image Credit:  ullrich/Shutterstock

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