Tumblr rolls out two-factor authentication for the cool kids

Yahoo's cool kid's blogging service Tumblr is the latest site to adopt the additional security of two-factor authentication.

But as with the introduction of SSL encryption in February it's up to the site's users to enable the feature for themselves.

As Tumblr's official staff blog winningly explains, "You know how you need two keys to launch a nuclear missile? Two-factor authentication works like that. One key is your password, the other key is your cellular phone, and you need both to access your Tumblr Dashboard".

So, if you want to launch a nuclear strike... Sorry, beef up your Tumblr security, you need to visit your Dashboard, go to the account settings page, flip the switch for two-factor authentication and enter your mobile phone number.

The authentication works via text message or through an app like Google Authenticator. You can set up both if you want some added reassurance or a backup means of getting the code.

Using two-factor authentication doesn't mean you can drop your guard when it comes to looking out for phishing attempts of course. It does make life more difficult for anyone trying to gain access to your account though so it's worth enabling if you're a Tumblr user.

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