Spam emails just not quite annoying enough? Google has the solution!

Spam's great, isn't it? I know I just can’t get enough of it. I particularly love the in-your-face, unavoidable stuff that grabs my attention and ultimately has nothing to offer. Love it. This is one of the reasons I was indescribably happy when Gmail introduced its tabbed inbox feature. While some people saw it as a way of keeping their inbox clear, I saw it rather differently. Now I can see all of that level spam -- sorry, I mean "promotional emails" -- in one place: the handily named Promotions tab.

But there are too many emails that are just too subtle. They don’t grab my eyeballs and try to wrestle them from my head. Well, let joy be unbounded, Google has come up with the solution I've been looking for! It's like the company has been reading my mind! I've lost count of the number of times I've thought, "you know what's missing? Really big, graphic versions of my emails. If that was implemented, my spammy desires could be so much more effectively sated!"

Be still my beating heart!

No longer will I have to content myself with reading mere subject lines for emails companies have taken the time and effort to specially tailor to my needs and interests, oh no. Now I can enjoy the full graphical glory of a grid view which shows off the products these companies are so eager for me to see. This all comes thanks to a new experimental Gmail feature that you can request be added to your account. Check it out below and revel in its beauty for yourself:

Wow! Not just promotional marketing emails, but huge, gargantuan thumbnails showing off all of those products I just can’t wait to throw my hard-earned money at. But wait... it doesn’t end there. As Google kindly points out in a helpful blog post, "grid view also comes with infinite scrolling". So I can just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling? An endless stream of aspirational images for all the products under the sun. I feel quite faint with delight!

If you're as excited at the prospect as I am, get yourself over to the special signup page to put your name down for the 'field trial'.

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to replicate these levels of sarcasm at home. BetaNews cannot be held responsible for the consequences of doing so.

Image Credit: Sadovnikova Olga / Shutterstock

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