Hardwipe drops 32-bit support, improves Recycler cleaning tool


Big Angry Dog Ltd has released HardWipe 4.0.1 and HardWipe Portable 4.0.1, a major new version of its ad-supported data wiping tool for Windows. Version 4.0.1 is notable for becoming a 64-bit only build, dropping support for legacy OSes including Windows XP in the process.

The update also sees HardWipe transition from the Qt4 to Qt5 application and UI framework as a result of becoming a native 64-bit application.

Version 4.0.1 also adds one new option -- the ability to wipe the contents of the Recycle Bin using elevated (administrator) privileges. This ensures orphaned files previously ignored with an "Access Denied" error are now wiped in conjunction with other previously deleted files.

One other notable change in HardWipe 4.0.1 is that users can no longer physically wipe devices using the free, ad-supported version of the program. Instead, users must upgrade to the Professional version for $8.99 per user to gain this functionality (and remove the ads).

Version 4.0.1 also includes a number of minor updates and fixes, including one that led to the cleaning process hanging indefinitely when HardWipe failed to detect verification errors under certain conditions.

HardWipe 4.0.1 and HardWipe Portable 4.0.1 are both available now as free, ad-supported downloads for PCs running 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or later. Those wishing to use HardWipe on 32-bit systems can still download HardWipe 3.1.1 and HardWipe Portable 3.1.1.

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