Stickeez boosts ad revenue for mobile developers

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In-app adverts provide a useful revenue stream for developers, allowing them to monetize what would otherwise be free products.

With Gartner predicting that over 94 percent of app downloads will be free by 2017, revenue from in-app ads is likely to become even more critical in the future.

Israel-based digital platform specialist ironSource has announced that in the two months since its launch in February of this year Stickeez, which uses the company's mobileCore native ad format, has boosted developer ad revenues by 20 percent.

Unlike other mobile advertising systems, Stickeez provides developers with a non-aggressive, ad delivery system that can integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of their app. It presents users with an engaging animation that displays mobileCore offers or other apps available to download once clicked.

"In today's predominantly free app market, developers need to find creative ways to monetize their product, but they also have to protect their user's in-app experience," says Itay Riemer, General Manager, mobileCore at ironSource. "Stickeez offers developers a highly-effective means of generating revenue without compromising on user experience".

Developers can choose images from a Stickeez gallery or incorporate their own characters. Currently mobileCore creates custom branded Stickeez for advertisers to promote specific apps, this customization capability will soon be rolled out for every developer using the format. Because it uses the existing mobileCore Developers Panel it also offers maximum flexibility.

"ironSource has always been committed to solving problems and providing solutions for software developers -- whatever platform they are working on," says Tomer Bar Zeev, CEO and Co-Founder. "Both Stickeez, and mobileCore in general, are designed to empower the developer to monetize more effectively so they can focus on the thing they do best -- developing great products".

For more information on Stickeez visit the mobileCore website.

Image Credit: Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock

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