Glorylogic refreshes range with ISO Workshop, True Burner and Image Tuner updates

iso workshop

Glorylogic has issued updates to three of its free (for non-commercial use) tools for Windows PCs. Both ISO Workshop 5.4 and True Burner 2.3 gain various burning enhancements -- including the ability to set the burn speed, while batch-processing tool Image Tuner 4.8 offers an updated preview method.

ISO Workshop and True Burner share the same burning engine, which is indicated by the number of shared improvements in their latest builds.

Chief among these is the addition of a drop-down menu to crucial dialog boxes giving users the opportunity to select the drive burn speed -- useful for trying to resolve burning errors.

Other shared enhancements include improved detection and burning of Blu-ray discs, both BD-R and BD-RE formats, as well as general data insertion and management. Both also fix an issue with opening the disc tray after burning.

ISO Workshop claims one unique fix, resolving a problem unknown command-line parameters. True Burner 2.3 contains two exclusive fixes, mitigating problems finalizing blank CDs as well as fixing a possible error when burning single files over 2GB in size.

Also updated is Image Tuner 4.8. This ships with an updated and improved method of previewing changes via the [F3] key. Alongside this version 4.8 boasts improved JPG and PNG image conversions as well as general image loading and processing.

Again, two notable bugs have been resolved: one that saw Image Tuner skip images with JP2 or RAW extensions, and the other with creating sub-directories.

ISO Workshop 5.4, True Burner 2.3 and Image Tuner 4.8 are all available as a free-for-personal-use downloads for PCs running Windows XP or later. All three contain optional bundleware.

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