Get an 8 port USB hub with the new PowerFlow Octofire


It seems that we all have way too many USB devices these days -- thumb drives, external hard drives, charging needs for phones and tablets. No computer has enough ports for the needs of a family, and many customers require help via a hub that can support all of those items.

"Most multi-gadget chargers have up to 4 ports that may only do one amp per port which is not optimal charging capacity. That’s why I was blown away when I first saw the Octofire with double the amount of ports and power", says Chris Johnson, Founder of BiteMyApple, the company that produces the product. "This monster charger is perfect for households or businesses that own many devices, and need a single power solution".

The product doesn't just supply a few extra ports, but also has a smart charging feature that doles out power to devices based on what it senses is needed from each -- or at least in theory that's what it will do. Use-case will prove it right or wrong.

The device is available now for $79.99, which isn't cheap for a USB hub, but it also brings more ports and smarter charging than average devices, so it may be worth a bit of your money.

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