Windows Phone users score Uber app


It's generally never a good idea to hitchhike. Any time a guy sticks out his thumb, or a girl sticks out her leg, it could be the beginning of their troubles. Quite frankly, getting a ride from a stranger seems like the start of a horror movie.

The latest rage in getting a ride, is Uber. If you aren't familiar, it is an app that connects someone with a car and someone who needs a ride -- for a fee. However, the company partners with reputable car services that do background checks on drivers. In other words, as opposed to hitchhiking, it should be a safe experience. Today, Uber announces that the app comes to Windows Phone.


"Previously, Windows Phone users accessed Uber through our mobile site, but starting today, users can connect through a native app that is optimized for the Windows Phone platform and reflects the complete Uber experience. Users will be able to open the Uber app on their Windows Phone anywhere in the world -- whether in the United States, India or France -- and seamlessly request a safe, reliable ride at the touch of a button", says Uber.

People seem to love the concept of Uber, and Microsoft has scored a major win by getting the app for Windows Phone. While users of Microsoft's mobile platform have been able to use Uber through the mobile version of Internet Explorer, this should be a much more rewarding experience.

Have you had any experiences with Uber? Tell me about it in the comments.

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