Pebble scores the ESPN app, brings sports to your wrist


Yes, I know not everyone is a smartwatch fan. It is a device reserved for geeks, athletes and the curious souls who wish to know what it's about. Pebble was one of the first to market (Microsoft came early, but failed) and now it has one more app to get existing customers, and potential ones, excited.

With baseball season heading into the homestretch and football, basketball and hockey all looming, the company has landed ESPN for its wrist technology. You'll get scores and game updates right from the watch -- Sports Center always with you while you're out and about, not sitting on the sofa watching the game.

"You can track results and schedules for your favorite teams while on the go. A quick glance at your wrist is now all you need to stay connected with the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA scores you don’t want to miss. When a score changes, Pebble delivers a buzz", Pebble announces.

It will certainly make things easier for any fan who wants to keep up while on the go. There is the whole opening barrier of the $150 price tag to get the smartwatch, though you can find better deals elsewhere online. This may be one more reason to make someone buy into this wearable technology.

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