V.BTTN is a programmable Bluetooth button that can do anything your phone can

V.BTTN is a programmable Bluetooth button that can do anything your phone canThink about wearable tech and your mind probably jumps to watches first. V.BTTN is a little different. It's a programmable button that links smartphones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth and it can then be used to trigger all manner of events. Looking for a remote shutter trigger for your smartphone? V.BTTN can do that for you. Need a remote control to start and stop recording? Got that covered too. The device comes from VSN Mobil and is available now for $59.99. It's one of those pieces of hardware billed as having virtually limitless possibilities, but this is one instance where the claim is justified.

What the button does depends entirely on the app you decide to link it to. It's slightly more advanced than just "hit the button" -- there are short and long press options, as well as gesture support thanks to a built-in accelerometer. As standard, V.BTTN is just a button. You can stick it in your pocket or bag and carry it around with you if you like, but there are also a number of accessories.

A wristband turns it into a watch, a clip means it can be attached to clothing or hardware, a keychain option lets you keep the button with your house keys, or you could opt to wear it around your neck on a chain. It's waterproof and robust meaning it should withstand rough handling... which is just as well, as V.BTTN can link with VSN Mobil's V.ALRT personal alert device

In terms of compatibility it has pretty much all of the bases covered -- iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X (Windows Phone even gets a look in!) -- and there's great potential for developers to go to town with it. The SDK is available for developers to work with so the existing range of third party apps should start to grow over the coming months.

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