Samsung pokes fun at the iPhone 6 with 'It doesn’t take a genius' adverts


Smartphone manufacturers like to attack Apple. Microsoft is currently running a series of ads in which Siri comes off very badly compared with Microsoft’s own voice assistant Cortana, and now Samsung has released a collection of commercials making fun of the recent iPhone 6 reveal.

In the series, titled "It doesn’t take a genius", two tech guys are less than impressed with Apple’s new iPhone 6 which is lacking and dated compared to the Galaxy Note 4. It’s a similar campaign in some ways to the "A fly on the wall in Cupertino" ads that Microsoft ran, and quickly pulled, a year ago. But while those ads were ill judged and unfunny, Samsung gets the humor just right.

There are six ads in the series, and the first one pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone 6 livestream which anyone who watched it -- or rather tried to watch it -- knows was just awful. "You work in technology, you can’t handle this?" one of the guys asks, which is a very valid point.

The other ads focus on screen size, multi window, the S Pen, battery life, and wearables.

They aren’t rip-roaring funny, but each one is around 30 seconds in length and has an amusing point. You can view them below.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

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