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Forget buggy Windows 11, Windows 12 is the operating system we want

Windows 11 is a good operating system, for the most part, but it’s not without its problems. It seems every new update Microsoft rolls out these days introduces fresh annoyances. No wonder the vast majority of users are sticking with Windows 10.

Although Windows 11 has only been out for just over a year, talk of its successor, Windows 12, has been bubbling in the background for a few months now and if you were wondering how it might look when released, we have the answer.

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Windows 11 increases its usage share slightly, but still lags a long way behind Windows 10

If you want to use a supported version of Microsoft’s operating system you have two choices -- Windows 10 or Windows 11. Although people would usually opt to use the latest OS, especially given it’s a free upgrade, Windows 11 has struggled to find a meaningful audience despite being out for over a year now.

Its lack of adoption hasn’t been helped by the operating system's stricter system requirements.

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Get 'Mastering Cyber Intelligence' ($19.99 value) FREE for a limited time

Cyber Threat Intelligence converts threat information into evidence-based intelligence that uncovers adversaries' intents, motives, and capabilities for effective defense against all kinds of threats.

Mastering Cyber Intelligence thoroughly covers the concepts and practices required to develop and drive threat intelligence programs, detailing the tasks involved in each step of the CTI lifecycle. You'll be able to plan a threat intelligence program by understanding and collecting the requirements, setting up the team, and exploring the intelligence frameworks.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25252 and highlights new known issues

Windows 11 laptop

Thanksgiving is done and dusted for another year, but Microsoft has something for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel to be thankful for -- a new Windows 11 Build!

Build 25252 comes with a handful of improvements and fixes, but also highlights some new known issues.

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Android-based Orange Pi OS brings Windows 11's look and feel to Orange Pi computers

Orange Pi is an affordable alternative to the Raspberry Pi. There are several versions of the open-source computer available, including the recently released Orange Pi 5 and Orange Pi 800, and they can run a choice of operating systems, such as Android, Ubuntu, Debian Image and more.

There’s also now a dedicated Android-based operating system called Orange Pi OS which, as well as being able to run a large selection of Android applications, also offers quick switching between Windows 11 and macOS style themed desktops.

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Microsoft releases action-packed Windows 11 Build 25247 with several new features including Energy Recommendations and Task Manager updates

It’s nearly the weekend and in celebration of that Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 build for Insiders in the Dev Channel.

It’s later in the week than usual, but worth the wait as Windows 11 Build 25247 comes with several new features including Energy Recommendations, improvements for Task Manager, and tweaks to the Account settings page. You can also now access Windows Studio Effects from Quick Settings.

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Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) hits version 1.0.0.

Microsoft has been increasing its focus on Linux for some years now, including introducing the ability to run a GNU/Linux environment inside Windows 10 and Windows 11 via the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This includes most command-line tools, utilities, and applications.

12 days ago, Microsoft released version 0.70.8 of the tool, which fixed plenty of issues and added some extra features. Now, the company announces it is removing the Preview label and making WSL in the Microsoft Store "generally available".

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Get 'Leading with Empathy: Understanding the Needs of Today's Workforce' (worth $17) for FREE

Learn to lead others through adversity with the power of human connection.

In Leading with Empathy: Understanding the Needs of Today’s Workforce, acclaimed strategist and business leader Dr. Gautham Pallapa presents an insightful roadmap to leading people through adversity and empowering humans in the workplace, the home, and society. 

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Use this secret trick to add version and build information to your Windows desktop

Happy PC User

Insider versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 come with a watermark on the bottom right-hand side of the desktop that shows the version of Windows you’re running and the current build number. This makes it easy to see which build you’re on, so you’ll know whether or not you’re up to date.

This watermark gets removed from stable Windows 10 and 11 updates (and from Insider builds rolled out close to the release date), but you can easily add it back, so you can see at a glance which version of Windows you’re on.

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Kodi 20 'Nexus' hits a huge stability milestone and is available to download now

Kodi 20 -- codename 'Nexus' -- is the next version of the popular home theater software. There have been a number of Alpha releases to date, but for obvious reasons those aren’t ideal for use on a daily basis.

Now, though, Kodi 20 today hits a huge stability milestone, making it a more viable option for users.

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How to get iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island on Windows 10 or Windows 11

One of my favorite features on the Apple iPhone 14 Pro is the new Dynamic Island that replaces the old notch at the top of the screen. This, if you don’t know, is a dark island that expands and contracts (and even bubbles off) to show important alerts, notifications, and activities.

It’s a cool addition which Apple says, 'blurs the line between hardware and software'. And you can now add this feature to Windows. Here’s how.

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Volla Phone 22 is a privacy-focused smartphone that runs the Google-free Android-based Volla OS, Ubuntu Touch, or Sailfish OS [Review]

When buying a smartphone, you have two real choices. You can opt for an iPhone, which runs iOS, or one of the many Android handsets available from the likes of Google, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Sony.

If you value your privacy, then you might want a phone that truly does too. Volla Phone 22, from German firm Hallo Welt Systeme UG, is a good-looking device that is focused on keeping you safe and secure. It runs a choice of operating systems -- Volla OS, Ubuntu Touch, and the recently added Sailfish OS -- that can be selected on start-up. Support for additional mobile operating systems is coming soon.

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Get 'Data Science For Dummies, 3rd Edition' ($21 value) FREE for a limited time

Monetize your company’s data and data science expertise without spending a fortune on hiring independent strategy consultants to help

What if there was one simple, clear process for ensuring that all your company’s data science projects achieve a high a return on investment? What if you could validate your ideas for future data science projects, and select the one idea that’s most prime for achieving profitability while also moving your company closer to its business vision? There is.

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A foldable iPhone? Yes, please!

Foldable iPhone V

It’s been rumored for a while that Apple is working on a foldable device, following in Samsung’s footsteps, but so far we have yet to see anything like that from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

However, the idea of an iPhone that you can fold like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has just taken a step closer to reality.

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Mark Zuckerberg lays off 13% of Meta's workforce (11,000 employees), this is the email he sent

We’ve known for a while that Meta, the parent company of Facebook and champion of the metaverse, was planning to significantly reduce the size of its workforce and today Mark Zuckerberg sent out an email confirming this to all Meta employees.

In the message he details the layoffs, explaining how the company got to this point, how it will work, other changes Meta will be making, and how the company will move forward. You can read the full email below:

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