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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25211 with Widget improvements

Windows 11 laptop

Slipping a day from its usual weekly release schedule, Microsoft has today released a new Insider build for those testers in the Dev Channel.

Build 25211 introduces some changes and improvements based on Insider feedback, as well as a new settings experience for Widgets.

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Amazon's new Kindle Scribe is an e-reader you can write on

Today, Amazon announced a number of new products, including four new Echo devices, an updated Fire TV Cube, and a bedside sleep tracker.

One of the most exciting announcements, however, is Kindle Scribe, a new e-reader with a 10.2in 300ppi Paperwhite glare-free display that you can write on using a supplied stylus. This isn’t the first such tablet -- the reMarkable 2, for example, has plenty of fans -- but it’s the first such device from Amazon.

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Lenovo ThinkReality VRX is an all-in-one VR headset for the Enterprise Metaverse

Lenovo today took the wraps off its new all-in-one virtual reality headset which it says has been engineered to be a "high-quality, versatile and secure on-ramp to the Enterprise Metaverse".

The new ThinkReality VRX headset is powered by a Snapdragon XR platform and features a slim form factor, pancake optics, and full color, high-resolution pass-through capabilities for mixed reality applications. It also offers a full suite of end-to-end services for businesses.

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Microsoft Windows 11 setup race: 21H2 vs 22H2 -- which operating system installs fastest?

Microsoft has just started to roll out the Windows 11 2022 Update, which fixes a number of annoyances and adds some welcome new features to the fledgling operating system.

The update itself doesn’t take that long to install, but what about if you were installing Windows 11 entirely from scratch? Which version would be faster -- 21H2 or 22H2 (the development name for the 2022 Update)? There can only be one winner…

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25206 with changes and fixes

Windows 11 laptop

Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 11 2022 Update yesterday, with the promise of yet more cool features to come next month.

For Insiders in the Dev Channel, however, there’s another new build to play around with today -- Build 25206 --and this one includes changes to SMB authentication rate limiter behavior and updates for Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR).

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Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or a career-oriented person who needs or wants a change, this book has valuable information that can help you achieve your career goals.

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This is what's new in the latest Kodi 20 Nexus release

A few days ago we announced that the latest version of Kodi 20 'Nexus' was available to download, but there was no word at the time from the Kodi Foundation on exactly what the changes were.

Now the team has released a full changelog, and as you’d expect from a big milestone, there’s a lot of changes and fixes.

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Get 'Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Guide' ($24.99 value) FREE for a limited time

With its extensive set of tools and features for improving productivity and collaboration, Microsoft 365 is being widely adopted by organizations worldwide.

This book will help not only developers but also business people and those working with information to discover tips and tricks for making the most of the apps in the Microsoft 365 suite.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25201 with expanded widget view

After a couple of weeks of rolling out new builds on a Thursday -- and following on from the release of twin beta builds earlier this week -- Microsoft is back to its usual Wednesday release schedule for Insiders in the Dev Channel.

Build 25201 sees Microsoft beginning to roll out a handy expanded view for widgets, and also a useful update to the Game Pass widget.

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Kodi 20 'Nexus' hits a huge development milestone and is available to download now

Kodi 20 -- codename 'Nexus' -- is the next version of the popular home theater software. The first alpha version of the program arrived back in May, with Alpha 2 following it a couple of months later.

Since then we’ve heard nothing major about development, but that ends today as Kodi 20 hits another huge milestone, making it a more viable option for users.

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Microsoft releases twin Windows 11 Builds 22621.598 and 22622.598

Today is a huge day for iPhone users as it’s the day when Apple rolls out iOS 16. For Windows 11 Insiders in the Beta channel, it’s also a (fairly) big day.

The software giant today makes twin builds 22621.598 (with new features off by default) and 22622.598 (with new features included) available to test.

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You can now play Lunar Lander in the Windows copy dialog box -- here's how

Copying a large file from one drive to another, or over a network, can take quite a while, and there’s nothing you can do in that time, but wait.

However, an enterprising developer has found a way to make the copy dialog more interesting -- he’s added a fully playable version of the arcade classic Lunar Lander to it. And this is no basic addition -- you can choose your difficulty level and there are multiple worlds to play, including lush green forests and frozen ice planets.

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Therefore, it is important to train professionals in the latest defensive security skills and tools to secure them. Mastering Defensive Security provides you with in-depth knowledge of the latest cybersecurity threats along with the best tools and techniques needed to keep your infrastructure secure.

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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 25197, plus Calculator and Media Player app updates

Windows 11 laptop

Windows Insiders might have had to wait an extra day for a new Dev Channel flight of Windows 11, but Build 25197 is here at last.

This build reintroduces the tablet-optimized taskbar and System Tray updates, and also fixes various problems. Microsoft has additionally released a couple of app updates for Insiders.

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