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Win10Privacy 5.0 gives you complete control over your privacy in Windows 10 and Windows 11

When it was first released, Windows 10 famously spied on users and shared all sorts of information with Microsoft. Over the years, the software giant has reigned in this behavior and introduced a wealth of privacy controls to let you manage what you share.

That said, these controls are scattered throughout the OS and finding them isn’t always easy. This is where Win10Privacy can help.

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Get 'AI & Data Literacy' (worth $14.99) for FREE

AI is undoubtedly a game-changing tool with immense potential to improve human life.

This book aims to empower you as a Citizen of Data Science, covering the privacy, ethics, and theoretical concepts you’ll need to exploit to thrive amid the current and future developments in the AI landscape. The book explores AI's inner workings, user intent, and the critical role of the AI utility function while also briefly touching on statistics and prediction to build decision models that leverage AI and data for highly informed, more accurate, and less risky decisions.

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Experimental new Windows 11 feature aims to significantly boost PC battery life

Microsoft has released a new Insider build for testers in the Canary Channel. Build 26002 includes changes to the taskbar and system tray, but the standout feature is a new Energy Saver tool.

This experimental inclusion offers an "easy way to extend battery life and reduce energy use by trading off some system performance."

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Windows 11 Build 23595 moves the Copilot icon to where it always should have been

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Build 23595 for those Insiders in the Dev Channel. This new flight comes with the usual selection of changes, improvements and fixes, including shifting the location of the Copilot AI icon.

Microsoft has taken the wise decision to relocate the icon from its current position next to the search box, to the right side of the system tray on the taskbar. The reason for this it to "make the entry point to Copilot more clear and easily accessible by being closer to where the Copilot pane opens."

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Apricorn Aegis NVX: A rugged, super-fast, hardware-encrypted solid-state drive that fits in your pocket [Review]

If you have personal files that you want to be able to access when on the go, there are a couple of concerns you may have. Firstly, you may not fully trust cloud providers to keep your files safe and secure. Secondly, you might be worried about the risks associated with storing your files on a USB memory stick, as it could be easily lost or stolen. Fortunately, there is a solution that addresses both of these concerns: the Aegis NVX.

This rugged, 256-bit AES XTS hardware encrypted USB drive offers the best of both worlds for accessing personal data while maintaining security. Unlike cloud providers, you have complete control over your files as they are stored directly on the internal NVMe SSD, eliminating the need to rely on third-party services.

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Get 'Cybersecurity All-in-One For Dummies' (worth $30) for FREE


Cybersecurity All-in-One For Dummies covers a lot of ground in the world of keeping computer systems safe from those who want to break in.

This book offers a one-stop resource on cybersecurity basics, personal security, business security, cloud security, security testing, and security awareness. Filled with content to help with both personal and business cybersecurity needs, this book shows you how to lock down your computers, devices, and systems -- and explains why doing so is more important now than ever.

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Download Microsoft's new Windows XP Bliss wallpapers for mobile, desktop, or Teams

This holiday season, Microsoft has gone back in time to create an "ugly sweater" based on its iconic Bliss wallpaper from Windows XP.

If you like the look of it, the software giant is making the sweater available to buy (in limited quantities) for $69.99. That’s not all though. The company has also produced four stylish Bliss wallpapers for phone, Teams background, or desktop.

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Microsoft goes back to Windows XP for this holiday season's ugly sweater -- here's how you can get one

Every holiday season, Microsoft brings out an "ugly sweater" and this time it’s going way, way back with a special XP-themed Bliss design.

This sweater, which features the iconic Bliss backdrop from Windows XP, (originally a photo of a pretty blue sky and rolling green hills taken in Sonoma County, California) has been created in part to support The Nature Conservancy.

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Play Windows PC games on your Android phone for free using Winlator 3

It's easy enough to get Android games running on your PC. You can use third-party emulators like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer, or you can make use of the built-in Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11.

If you want to do the reverse and play Windows games on your Android device, that's a little harder, but it can be done. For this you'll need Winlator. We’ve covered this Android app before, but it’s just been updated to improve compatibility and performance, and fix a number of problems.

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Get 'Python for Security and Networking -- Third Edition' (worth $39.99) for FREE

Python’s latest updates add numerous libraries that can be used to perform critical security-related missions, including detecting vulnerabilities in web applications, taking care of attacks, and helping to build secure and robust networks that are resilient to them.

This fully updated third edition of Python for Security and Networking will show you how to make the most of them and improve your security posture.

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ChatGPT can make fully playable 'choose your own adventure' games

ChatGPT is able to do a lot of things, such as answering questions, translating text, generating stories and poems, and writing code.

OpenAI’s powerful artificial intelligence tool can do much more than just that though, including making fully playable multiple choice adventure games.

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Get 'Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Excel 365' (worth $18) for FREE

Excel-erate your Excel 365 knowledge with the celebrated Teach Yourself VISUALLY series.

In Teach Yourself VISUALLY: Excel 365, veteran tech educator and writer Paul McFedries delivers a practical, step-by-step guide to using the latest version of the world’s most popular spreadsheet app.

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Get 'Mastering Microsoft 365 Defender' (worth $39.99) for FREE

Microsoft 365 Defender is an XDR platform that provides security across multi-platform endpoints, hybrid identities, emails, collaboration tools, and cloud apps. Mastering Microsoft 365 Defender will teach you how to get started and use Microsoft’s suite effectively.

You’ll start with a quick overview of cybersecurity risks that modern organizations face, such as ransomware and APT attacks, how Microsoft is making massive investments in security today, and gain an understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint by diving deep into configurations and their architecture.

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Get 'Beginning Software Engineering, 2nd Edition' (worth $33) for FREE

In the newly updated second edition of Beginning Software Engineering, expert programmer and tech educator Rod Stephens delivers an instructive and intuitive introduction to the fundamentals of software engineering. In the book, you’ll learn to create well-constructed software applications that meet the needs of users while developing the practical, hands-on skills needed to build robust, efficient, and reliable software.

The author skips the unnecessary jargon and sticks to simple and straightforward English to help you understand the concepts and ideas discussed within. He also offers you real-world tested methods you can apply to any programming language.

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Get 'The AI Product Manager's Handbook' (worth $35.99) for FREE

The AI Product Manager's Handbook is for people that aspire to be AI product managers, AI technologists, and entrepreneurs, or for people that are casually interested in the considerations of bringing AI products to life.

It should serve you if you’re already working in product management and you have a curiosity about building AI products.

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