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Get 'Mastering Linux Security and Hardening -- Second Edition' ($31.99 value) FREE for a limited time

From creating networks and servers to automating the entire working environment, Linux has been extremely popular with system administrators for the last couple of decades. However, security has always been a major concern.

With limited resources available in the Linux security domain, this book will be an invaluable guide in helping you get your Linux systems properly secured.

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Give your Raspberry Pi 4 a performance boost with the new $5 Case Fan

Some Raspberry Pi owners are more than happy to leave their devices uncased, but others prefer to add an enclosure just so it looks smarter.

If you’re a case owner and are concerned about heat building up inside, then the Raspberry Pi Foundation has you covered with a new, official Case Fan designed to keep things cool and help you squeeze more performance out of a Raspberry Pi 4.

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This beautiful Android 12 design could lure me away from the iPhone

I’ve switched between owning an iPhone and various Android handsets over the years, but for me iOS remains easily the best mobile operating system (and iPhone 12 Pro the best smartphone). It would take something very special to tempt me back to Android.

Something like this stylish vision of Android 12.

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New Kodi 19 'Matrix' release is the build you've been waiting for

The next major version of Kodi, has been in development for two years now, promising a number of big changes from its predecessor, Kodi 18 Leia.

The Kodi Foundation has been hard at work finishing the next iteration of its hugely popular home theater software, releasing alpha builds of Kodi 19 at the rate of one a month for the past three months. Today the developers take the biggest step yet towards what they're calling the 'Great Unveiling'.

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The Internet Archive is now emulating classic Flash games and animations

The Internet Archive began life back in 1996, and today it has copies of over 430 billion web pages accessible through its Wayback Machine, as well as collections of classic DOS games, console games, early Apple Mac and Windows programs, 1990s animated GIFs, and much more.

Now, in preparation for when Flash finally dies at the end of the year, the Archive has started emulating classic Flash animations, games and toys.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 20262 with lots of welcome fixes

Although Insiders in the Dev Channel do occasionally get to try out upcoming features in Windows 10, more often than not the new builds Microsoft rolls out focus on fixing problems and tweaking settings.

That’s certainly been the case with the previous two flights, and today’s new release, Build 20262 (FE_RELEASE) is no different.

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Get 'Microsoft Office 365 All-in-One For Dummies' ($24.00 value) FREE for a limited time

Microsoft Office 365 offers the same productivity power as past versions of Microsoft Office along with tools designed to boost collaboration in the workplace and instant access to the latest Office updates without buying a whole new software package. It’s an ideal solution for both the office and home use.

The author of the bestselling Microsoft Office All-in-One For Dummies shares his advice on how to navigate the nuts and bolts of getting things done with Office 365. Look inside for step-by-step instructions on Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and OneNote, along with a dive into the cloud services that come with Office 365.

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Get 'Career Development All-In-One For Dummies' ($18.00 value) FREE for a limited time

Want to get ahead in the workplace? Learn new skills and increase your visibility as a leader in your company with the help of this practical, hands-on guide to professional development. You'll find new techniques for being a better leader, tips for writing better emails, rules for running more effective meetings, and much more. Plus, you'll discover how to give presentations that will keep your audience engaged and learn to be a more mindful person.

Combined from seven of the best For Dummies books on career development topics, Career Development All-in-One For Dummies is your one-stop guide to taking control of your career and improving your professional life.

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Get 'Cyber Minds' ($18.89 value) FREE for a limited time

With new technology threats, rising international tensions, and state-sponsored cyber attacks, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Cyber Minds serves as a strategic briefing on cybersecurity and data safety, collecting expert insights from sector security leaders, including:

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 20257 with loads of important fixes

Insiders in the Dev Channel can look forward to test driving exciting new features in Windows 10 before anyone else. However, not every new build that gets rolled out can be a show stopper.

Sometimes, instead of exciting additions, what you get from a new flight is a bunch of fixes, which is the case in new Build 20257.

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Windows 21 is the operating system we'd love to be using next year

2020 has been an awful year for most people. The coronavirus has torn through our lives, we’ve experienced lockdowns and job losses, the United States is more divided than ever, and let’s not even mention the ongoing shitshow that is the presidential election.

Although it’s not likely to be much better to begin with, 2021 really can’t come soon enough. A redesigned Windows 10 isn’t going to be at the top of most people’s wishlists for the upcoming year, but Windows 21 has got our attention.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 20251 with a selection of welcome fixes

Today is just a typical boring Wednesday, with nothing of any note going on in the world, and certainly not in America.

Thankfully then, Microsoft has a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build on hand to brighten the days of those in the Dev Channel.

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This Windows 10/macOS combination is the perfect desktop operating system

We know that Microsoft is planning to give Windows 10 a makeover in the future, but it’s unlikely that the software giant will really go to town on the design, with the focus of its UI revamp -- codenamed Sun Valley -- being more on tweaking things and expanding on the Fluent Design language currently in use.

While some people are more than happy with how Windows 10 looks, it’s pretty bland when compared to macOS. But what if Apple and Microsoft joined forces to produce a Windows/macOS hybrid?

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New Kodi 19 'Matrix' release delivers major feature changes

Although the Kodi Foundation pushed out an emergency update for Kodi 18 'Leia' last week to fix an internet access issue caused by a technical change from Cloudflare, the team's main focus has been on Kodi 19 'Matrix', the next big release of the hugely popular home theater software.

Today the team rolls out a brand new Kodi 19.x 'Matrix' preview build with a large number of improvements.

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The Raspberry Pi 400 is a brand new $70 desktop PC you can buy right now

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken the wraps off its latest product, and it’s a faster, cooler 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, integrated into a compact keyboard.

You can buy either just the computer, or as a kit which adds everything you need to get started for just $30 more.

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