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Get 'Virtual Teams for Dummies' ($17.99 value) FREE for a limited time

In the global marketplace, people can work practically anywhere and anytime, and that’s something we’re seeing a lot of right now thanks to COVID-19. Virtual teams cut across the boundaries of time, space, culture, and sometimes even organizations.

Packed with solid advice, interviews and case studies from well-known companies who are already using virtual teams in their business model and their lessons learned, Virtual Teams for Dummies provides rock-solid guidance on the essentials for building, leading, and sustaining a highly productive virtual workforce. It helps executives understand key support strategies that lead virtual teams to success and provides practical information and tools to help leaders and their teams bridge the communication gaps created by geographical separation -- and achieve peak performance.

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Shutterstock makes over 17 million videos available on Android and iOS

If you need access to video footage while on the go, then you’ll be interested in today’s announcement from Shutterstock which sees the company make over 17 million videos available to license on both Android and iOS.

The footage is offered in SD, HD, and 4K quality and you can search, save and license whatever footage you require.

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Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365 -- a 'subscription service for your life'

Microsoft has done a spot of rebranding today, replacing Office 365 with Microsoft 365, and introducing personal and family subscriptions.

This builds on the foundation of Office 365, but improves on it and adds some useful consumer focused apps and features.

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Suffering from slower internet? IObit makes Internet Booster PRO free

Last week, software publisher IObit launched a giveaway site, making 50,000 licenses of its paid PRO products -- including Advanced SystemCare Ultimate and Malware Fighter -- available for free.

It did this in response to the coronavirus pandemic and to improve people's PC experience. Today it takes another step in helping those suffering from slower internet as a result of ever greater numbers working from home, by making Internet Booster PRO free for a limited time.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Build 19592, restarts new tablet experience

The past few Windows 10 Insider builds haven’t been very exciting -- mostly just featuring a number of fixes and minor improvements -- although that’s hardly surprising thanks to the impact of COVID-19.

Build 19592, released today to those on the Fast ring, does include a new (but familiar to some) tablet experience for 2-in-1 convertible PCs, although it’s rolling out slowly.

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Internet Archive creates a National Emergency Library with over 1.4 million books you can borrow immediately

If you’re stuck at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internet Archive has some good news for you. It has taken the step of suspending waitlists for books in its lending library, so you can gain immediate access to them.

There are over 1.4 million titles available to read, with more being added regularly.

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Colorize your old black and white photos automatically -- for free!

MyHeritage offers a handy online tool called MyHeritage In Color which automatically colorizes old black and white photos in seconds -- and does an amazing job of it.

Users without a paid plan are normally limited to colorizing just 10 photos, but MyHeritage is making the service free, and unlimited, for one month because -- you guessed it -- the coronavirus.

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Watch Bill Gates' 2015 warning about a future major virus outbreak

COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, with ever greater numbers of cases and deaths being reported on a daily basis. It’s having a huge impact not just on people’s health, but on our way of life and on the global economy.

While at the start of the year no one expected us to be where we are now, the threat of a fast-spreading virus has been anticipated for quite some time. Indeed, back in 2015, Bill Gates gave a TED Talk on this very subject.

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IObit is giving away PRO licenses because of the coronavirus -- grab Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, Malware Fighter, and more for free

IObit Software makes a number of great PC applications, including Advanced SystemCare, Driver Booster, Malware Fighter, and IObit Uninstaller. The publisher offers free versions and paid for editions with additional features.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, and because a lot of people are self-isolating and/or working from home these days, IObit has decided to giveaway PRO licenses for its software.

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Get 'Hands-On Dark Web Analysis' ($23.99 value) FREE for a limited time

The overall World Wide Web is divided into three main areas -- the Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web. The Deep Web and Dark Web are the two areas which are not accessible through standard search engines or browsers. It becomes extremely important for security professionals to have control over these areas to analyze the security of your organization.

Hands-On Dark Web Analysis will initially introduce you to the concept of the Deep Web and the Dark Web and their significance in the security sector. Then it will deep dive into installing operating systems and Tor Browser for privacy, security and anonymity while accessing them. During the course of the book, you will learn some best practices which will be useful in using the tools for best effect.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19587 with Narrator and volume improvements

The past few Windows 10 Insider builds haven’t been hugely exciting, but that’s probably no surprise given the state of the world at the moment and the number of people switching to working from home.

Today’s new Insider release for those on the Fast ring, Build 19587, is no exception, but it does come with a number of improvements and fixes.

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Windows 10 is finally -- officially -- on 1 billion devices

When Microsoft was preparing to launch Windows 10 back in 2015 it famously stated that it expected over 1 billion devices to be running the new OS within 2-3 years. For a variety of reasons -- most notably the dismal failure of its mobile aspirations -- that never happened.

But the OS has been gaining share at a steady rate, and today the software giant announces that Windows 10 has, five years later, finally hit the coveted 1 billion milestone.

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End of an era as Bill Gates steps down from the Microsoft board

For many people, Bill Gates is synonymous with Microsoft, even though for years now he has had very little to do with the company he co-founded.

These days, Gates’ focus is mostly on philanthropic activities, like global health and development, education and climate change. He stepped down from the day to day running of Microsoft in 2008, but remained on the board. Today he announces that is no longer the case.

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Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Build 19582

Microsoft, like many other tech firms, is encouraging its employees to work from home as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the world. It’s still business as usual for the Windows team though, as they roll out a new Windows 10 build for those Insiders on the Fast ring.

Build 19582 mostly focuses on fixes and improvements, although it also comes with a major update to the Eye Control settings.

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How to legally download any version of Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office

If you want to download an ISO file of the latest version of Windows 10, the process is very straightforward -- just use Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool to generate the image file for you.

But what if you want an older version of Windows 10, or one of the many Windows Insider builds? Or what if you want a copy of Windows 7 or 8.1, or a copy of Microsoft Office? We have the answer.

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