Advanced IP Scanner gains more detailed network reports

Advanced IP Scanner

Famatech has announced the yearly update for its network detection tool, Advanced IP Scanner 2.4.

The program now uncovers more details about all network devices, including device type (router, printer, more) and the operating system of remote computers.

It detects any HTTP and FTP services on offer, also displaying their names and versions.

You can now define custom FTP and HTTP clients, as well as SSH and Telnet, to access your remote resources.

There are also the usual range of technical improvements: faster scanning, minor interface tweaks and a scattering of bug fixes.

A very quick first look at the program gave mixed results. It correctly pointed out that our NAS was running Linux, but wasn’t able to figure out a "Type" for most of our devices.

Despite that, Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 is a likable product: fast, free, easy to use, with regular and portable installation options and a good range of features. If you need to monitor or manage a small network then it may be able to help.

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