MSI Z97A Gaming 6 motherboard -- world's first with reversible USB 3.1 Type-C


As a system builder, I am a sucker for all hardware. What really gets my motor running is when something is the "world's first". Yes, I am an early adopter. What does this mean? I buy unproven new hardware at a premium, just for the glory of having it first. Smart buyers will wait for price drops and bug fixes, but not I!

Today, MSI announces a new motherboard that has a world's first, and quite frankly, it is something the world has been waiting for. Here it is folks, the first-ever motherboard with an integrated reversible USB 3.1 Type-C port! This is definitely something that will have early adopters drooling.


"The new MSI Z97A GAMING 6 motherboard is the world's first motherboard to feature USB Type-C connectivity. The USB Type-C connector is the future in connectivity and allows for easy connecting of next generation USB through an easy to use connector. With this connector you can blindly connect any device because it allows for upside down plugging in of cables. No longer struggle to connect your devices at the back of your PC with MSI and USB Type-C".

Huzzah! Finally, one of the biggest pain points for computer nerds is about to die a slow death. As I am sure you have experienced, the rectangular nature of USB makes it hard to know which way is up when inserting a connector into a port; USB 3.1 Type-C finally ends the madness. Sure, we've known that the reversible connector was coming, but to see it on an actual consumer motherboard is enough to bring a tear to my eye!

Sadly, MSI isn't too forthcoming on the other features of the board (or the price), but based on appearances, it looks like a beauty, with plenty of options. It should make it a smart buy for a new build if priced correctly.

11 Responses to MSI Z97A Gaming 6 motherboard -- world's first with reversible USB 3.1 Type-C

  1. Selwyn Maester says:

    And so all previous cables become useless, because of some people's inability to gently try the cable insertion.

    • Designer Dragon says:

      No, believe it or not your old cables won't magically stop functioning just because something new is on the market.

    • Richard Saunders says:

      So when USB came out, DB9 RS232 ports suddenly quit working?

      • Selwyn Maester says:

        Perhaps you should turn off the sarcasm, as it is certainly not the same, and if you think about it, the reason I gave is hardly one to change shape - except that it is the exact reason,because of some people and their inabilities to do things correctly.

        BTW, there are a few 90W adapters out there for laptops, so using anything not made with exacting care that treads near the limit would likely overtax the port, and possibly burn out the motherboard.

      • It's called future-proofing, not only does it mean you can have the cable either way, but the port is faster and offers other benefits too.

        They have added one port with the new C-type, the rest are still your typical USB 2.0/3.0 connections which means that you can still use all your old stuff and in the meantime when everything slowly updates to the new c-type, it means you won't be left behind.

    • Dtech426 says:

      Well not entirely useless. I'm sure adapters will be available.

  2. MadDoggyca says:

    Mother boards wasted... All those pci-e x1/x4 could have been easily made into x16 v3 with full support back to x1

    I could never understand why they included soo many x1/x4 wasting space when x16 are soo much more useable

    • Dtech426 says:

      Some people need multiple ports. For example, one wireless pci-e x1 wireless card, a pcie x1 sata or usb 3.0 expansion, one soundcard, and possibly pcie storage (x4).

      • MadDoggyca says:

        which can all fit and on pci-e x16 lanes as well... its possible to go form x16 to 4/1x then it its to go fomr 1/4x to x16 on the same lane

      • Dtech426 says:

        I understand that it's backwards compatible. You would have to combine the ports into one port to keep costs down. If you're talking about replacing the x1 and x4 ports with x16 ports then it would bring the price of the motherboard much higher due to having to integrate additional chipsets to have more pcie lanes available. LGA 1150 CPU's don't have enough pcie lanes to support so many pcie lanes and therefore have to compromise.

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