Don't go to RedTube without protection -- the adult site could give you a nasty infection [updated]


Yesterday I reported how Jamie Oliver’s website was serving up malware to unsuspecting visitors. It was a problem that was quickly fixed, but a worrying one seeing as the website has over 10 million visitors a month.

Now today, Malwarebytes -- which first discovered the Jamie Oliver exploit -- reports another compromised site that’s even more popular. Adult website sees over 300 million visits a month (some shorter than others), and currently has a malicious iframe in its source code.

This leads to a Flash exploit and a malware payload which Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects as "Trojan.FakeMS.ED".

Adult sites do occasionally serve up malware through malicious advertising (malvertising), although it’s much rarer for the threat to come from the site itself.

While you might not expect the likes of Jamie Oliver’s site to infect your PC, you probably should be aware of the dangers you could face when dipping into the seedier side of the web, and should never go to adult sites without protection.

Stay safe out there!

[Update] RedTube fixed the issue soon after becoming aware of it. It's safe to venture back now.

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