New software boosts productivity for event managers

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Organizers of events and conferences often find themselves using multiple software tools in the process, from ticketing services and project management to emails and spreadsheets.

To streamline things Bizzabo is launching what it calls an Event Success Platform, equipping small to medium event organizers with a complete system to promote, manage and monetize their events.

"The Bizzabo Event Success Platform is the next step in the natural development of our product -- a comprehensive system where event organizers can actually take more ownership of their event branding and overall event experience," says CEO Eran Ben-Shushan of Bizzabo. "After working closely with thousands of organizers we understood the need for a holistic event software that works. We wanted to free the industry from a reliance on multiple siloed tech solutions that increase an event organizer’s workload, minimize their ability to measure success and limit productivity. By evolving our current product offering we are able to provide a one stop shop for all event technology needs, delivering the same quality we’re known for through a much more enhanced and complete experience from start to success".


Bizzabo's Event Success Platform has been trialled by a number of conferences around the world prior to its official launch. It can create an event website, sell tickets, launch an event app, initiate email marketing campaigns, build engaged networking communities. It can also help organizers get to know their audience using a smart contact management system.

The platform helps organizers measure success too by generating real-time analytics on each feature giving a snapshot of all aspects of an event's progress as it happens. The success dashboard allows organizers to deliver on measurable ROI to stakeholders, and track how they're doing compared to their goals.

Bizzabo is available online and on mobile platforms, for more more information go to the company's website.

Image Credit: Maxim Blinkov / Shutterstock

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