No sex please, I'm checking my emails (and then updating Facebook)

couple in bed with phones

According to a new survey from Durex and Durham University’s Center for Sex, Gender and Sexualities, a large portion of us are more likely to be seduced by the lure of our smartphones than our partners.

40 percent of couples admitted to delaying sex because of smartphones or tablets, while others said they’d raced through the act in order to respond to messages. One third of respondents admitted to interrupting sex in order to answer the phone (because, you never know, it might be the spouse calling to find out where you are).


Earlier in the week Durex teased a smartphone technology that could improve our sex lives, and it turns out to be the off button.

Ukonwa Ojo, Head of Global Brand Equity at Durex said "With technology playing such a pivotal role in our personal lives and relationships, we asked if it could utilized in a positive way to enhance our sex lives, but in doing so we discovered the most effective answer can be the simplest. After consulting countless experts, academic research and qualitative interviews, the solution turned out to be a straightforward one -- we should disconnect to reconnect".

As part of its new #Connect campaign, Durex has released a short film which shows how several couples have become seduced by the lure of technology.

The survey that was conducted was far from comprehensive -- just 30 Brits aged 18-55 were interviewed (all of whom were heterosexual and had been in a relationship for at least a year) -- but I suspect had more couples been quizzed, the results would have been broadly similar.

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