Unlock a secret dark theme in Windows 10 with a registry hack

Unlock a secret dark theme in Windows 10 with a registry hack

Build 10056 of Windows 10 Technical Preview -- which leaked online in the last few days -- has a hidden dark theme. If you have grabbed a copy of this particular build, you'll have noticed that there are a few tweaks here and there such as a resizable Start menu and a redesigned system clock.

But if you're happy to tinker with the registry, you can unlock a whole new look for the operating system, taking Windows 10 to the dark side. It brings to the desktop version of Windows 10 a theme option reminiscent of Windows Phone. Pull on your registry editing pants... we're going in.

Normal warnings apply: registry editing = potentially dangerous, backup your data, your house may be at risk if you fail to keep up repayments, etc, etc. Suitable precautions taken -- or just throw caution to the wind if you are so minded -- head to the Registry Editor: just hit the Windows key, type regedit and press Enter.

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Themes\Personalize. You might find that the Personalize key doesn't yet exist, so you may need to add it manually. Now create a new DWORD Value called SystemUsesLightTheme and assign it a value of 0. That's it!

It's not yet clear whether this theme will make it to the final version of Windows 10 in a slightly more accessible way, if it will remain a hidden treat for those in the know, or if it will disappear from future builds. In the meantime, enjoy!

Photo credit: Lucas M

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