Google launches Gmail Postmaster Tools to eliminate spam


Spam is a problem that is not going away for anyone who receives email -- and who doesn't? Over the years Google has taken steps to try to reduce the amount of junk that reaches Gmail inboxes and today the company is taking things a step further with Gmail Postmaster Tools and enhanced filter training for Gmail.

Part of the problem with spam -- aside from the sheer volume of it -- is that the detection of it is something of an art rather than a science. It is all too easy for legitimate email to get consigned to the junk folder, and this is what Gmail Postmaster Tools aims to help with. Rather than helping recipients banish spam, it helps senders ensure that their messages are delivered to inboxes rather than filtered out.


Gmail Postmaster Tools are not really for everyone -- it's designed for companies who send high volumes of email. It gives them an opportunity to run diagnostics on their messages and use the data that analysis feed back to come up with better emailing practices. A simple wizard-driven interface guides senders through the process of verifying their identity and help Google to understand that the messages they send are legitimate.

But there's an update for email recipients as well. To help improve the efficacy of spam filtering, Gmail's filters now not only learn from people clicking Spam or Not Spam in their inboxes. Google is bringing the same technology used for Google Search and Google Now so that particularly sneaky junk emails do not slip through the net. Personalization is also improving so spam filters are now far less of a one-size-fits-all option -- Gmail should better understand what you deem to be spam and not just apply the same settings as for everyone else.

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