Apple's App Store is host to 1.5 million titles

Apple App Store 1.5 million apps

Apple’s App Store has passed another huge milestone, 1.5 million total apps.

It is an enormous amount of active projects on one platform, considering Apple’s Mac OS X store only has 25,000 apps. The only platform to rival iOS is Android, which has a large app library but lower revenue.

The 1.5 million apps are split between iPhone and iPad:

  • 1,008,031 iPhone apps
  • 479,857 iPad apps

Those iPad apps are made specifically for the larger display, showing the investment in the iPad’s software has paid off. Games, business and professional applications have become extremely popular on the iPad, using the extra real estate.

Over half of all iPhone apps work on the iPad, with 544,716 universal apps on the iOS App Store. There is no stat for how many iPhone apps are also available on Android or Windows Phone, but we would expect the former to be extremely high.

Those 1.5 million apps have been downloaded over three billion times.

Over one million apps have been removed from the App Store, either by Apple or by the developer, since 2012. Most of these are apps that were not updated to recent versions of iOS, either due to the developer giving up or the studio folding.

That is a bit of a worrying stat, considering Apple’s review process boots out a lot of the poor quality apps. It means over a quarter of all app developers that created an app for iOS have not been able to keep it updated.

Apple has paid out over £13 billion to app developers since 2008, with over half of that amount sent in the past 12 months. The company is planning to expand into other sectors with the launch of Apple Watch and Apple Pay, offering new opportunities for developers.

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