Windows 10 Service Release 1 may launch next week


We know that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows ever -- and this is really another way of saying that Windows will never be finished. Over the coming weeks, months, and years, we can expect to see a near-endless stream of updates to the operating system.

But while a trickle of updates was anticipated, few would have expected that a huge update would be just around the corner. Despite having launched just 24 hours ago, it seems as though the first big update to Windows 10 -- and it's shaping up to be a huge one -- is already looming on the horizon. Windows 10 Service Release 1 (SR1) could be released as early as next week!


According to The Verge, Microsoft's developers have not stopped working on Windows 10 just because the OS has been pushed out of the door. Windows 10 SR1 is a massive collection of patches, fixes, and updates that address the issues that Windows Insiders have complained about, and continue to plague non-Insiders in the RTM build.

Microsoft has already released a 1GB day-one update for Windows 10, but Service Release 1 is shaping up to be even more significant in terms of squashing bugs. Anyone hoping for more new features will be disappointed to hear that SR1 is nothing more than a collection of fixes (albeit a large collection). It is possible that Windows Insiders will be given the opportunity to try out Windows 10 SR1 before everyone else, but The Verge's sources say that early August has been pencilled in as the main release date.

Following this -- perhaps as early as October -- will come yet another big update to Windows 10. This time around, however, new features are expected. Many people were disappointed to learn that Microsoft Edge launched without support for the long-promised extensions, but this will be added in the next major build of Windows 10. Other new features include a new messaging app, and this is something that Insiders will certainly get to try out before everyone else.

Is there anything in particular you want to see in SR1 and later updates?

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