Microsoft releases Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 -- free for some, but not for others

DVD Player

One of the core elements that Microsoft dropped from the latest version of its operating system was Windows Media Center. The software giant softened the blow at the time by stating that it would be releasing a DVD Player as an add-on. Hardly a like-for-like swap, but better than nothing.

True to its word, Microsoft has now made the Windows DVD Player available for all, but while some Windows 10 upgraders will get it for free, others will have to pay $14.99 for the same piece of software. Which camp do you fall into?


If you’re upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium or Windows 8.1 with Media Center, then you will get Windows DVD Player for free. You don’t have to do anything, it will be installed as an automatic Windows Update. Microsoft says you'll be able to get it "free for a limited time", but doesn’t say how quickly you need to act. If you upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29 2016, will it still be available? The offer will "end at or before the free Windows 10 upgrade offer", says Microsoft, through a veil of vagueness.

I haven’t received the new app yet, but it will surely only be a matter of time. You can check to see if it’s there for you by going to Settings from the Start menu, selecting Update & security, and then clicking 'Check for updates'.

If you should have been eligible for the DVD Player but performed a clean install of Windows 10, you will no longer get it, sorry about that.

If your upgrade path means you aren't entitled to get the app for free, you can purchase it from the Microsoft Store for $14.99, but you probably won’t want to because, you know, VLC Media Player exists and is not only free, but also far superior.

The list of features offered by the $14.99 DVD Player app are as follows:

  • Plays DVDs on your PC
  • Simple controls for disc navigation

Microsoft helpfully points out you’ll need a DVD-capable optical drive to use it. It won’t play Blu-rays.

If you have questions regarding this app, there’s a FAQ you can check out.

174 Responses to Microsoft releases Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 -- free for some, but not for others

  1. Now, they expect us to pay for super simple DVD player app, that should be part of Windows in the first place. Nice one, Microsoft. Just when you start to like them. lol

    • Dan Kaschel says:

      It's a legitimate licensing issue--really not Microsoft's fault.

      • What do you mean? can you explain what it says in that link please?

      • Michael says:

        It means Microsoft has to pay a license fee for every copy of DVD player software it distributes.

      • What about numerous other players who are free and offer same functionality. What about Media Player that was always part of Windows? Why would they have to pay license fee for app that allows you to play home made DVD's? Makes no sense.

      • Michael says:

        They are either out of compliance with the license or not subject to the terms of the license agreement. I am not a lawyer.

      • I find that very, very strange. A software that plays MPEG2 is and could be open source. plus it could be used for personal use. So who would have any kind of jurisdiction over that. Makes no sense.

      • OK This is from Wikipedia, but as far as I can recall DVD's could be played in previous Windows, so what has changed?

        Patent pool

        MPEG LA, a private patent licensing organization, has acquired rights from over 20 corporations and one university to license a patent pool of approximately 640 worldwide patents, which it claims are the "essential" to use of MPEG-2 technology, although many of the patents have since expired. Where software patentability is upheld, the use of MPEG-2 requires the payment of licensing fees to the patent holders. Other patents are licensed by Audio MPEG, Inc. The development of the standard itself took less time than the patent negotiations. Patent pooling between essential and peripheral patent holders in the MPEG-2 pool is the subject of a study by the University of Wisconsin. Over half of the patents expired in 2012.

        According to the MPEG-2 licensing agreement any use of MPEG-2 technology is subject to royalties. MPEG-2 encoders are subject to a royalty of $2.00 per unit, decoders are subject to a royalty of $2.00 per unit, and royalty-based sales of encoders and decoders are subject to different rules and $2.50 per unit. Also, any packaged medium (DVDs/Data Streams) is subject to licence fees according to length of recording/broadcast.[37] A criticism of the MPEG-2 patent pool is that even though the number of patents will decrease from 1,048 to 416 by June 2013 the license fee has not decreased with the expiration rate of MPEG-2 patents. Since January 1, 2010, the MPEG-2 patent pool has remained at $2 for a decoding license and $2 for an encoding license. By 2015 more than 90% of the MPEG-2 patents will have expired but as long as there are one or more active patents in the MPEG-2 patent pool in either the country of manufacture or the country of sale the MPEG-2 license agreement requires that licensees pay a license fee that does not change based on the number of patents that have expired.

      • 1DaveN says:

        Microsoft was paying the patent pool the royalty for every copy of Windows, because it could play DVDs. Then the OEMs were paying the royalty again when they bought whatever DVD-playing app they put on the PC. So the royalty was getting paid twice - and for OEMs who sell millions of PCs, that extra $2 or $2.50 adds up to some real money. Since they were adding software to every PC with a DVD player, they asked MS to stop including the codec and drop the price of OEM Windows by the $2 or whatever.

      • Apparently its another reason to move away from MPEG-2 is that is true.

      • Michael says:

        I agree, I personally use VLC. Many people don't realize that a lot of the cost of products that we buy from companies go to licensing agreement that are the result a patents taken out by other companies. It's a sad fact but true.

      • Still very strange, but maybe its true.

      • 1DaveN says:

        As a US corporation, Microsoft has to pay royalties for every copy of Windows that includes the ability to play DVDs. OEMs and DVD player manufacturers usually include player software with the drives, so that royalty gets paid again. It adds up to a lot of money for OEMs, who requested MS to remove it from Windows and reduce the cost accordingly.

        VLC is in France, where they don't have software patents. As a French company, they don't pay the royalties that American companies would have to pay. I don't think the playback quality of VLC is as good as some other options, but it's free, and it'll generally play anything.

      • async2013 says:

        France doesnt have software patnents? LMFAO. Go back to bed little boy. How much BS can you spout so quickly to justify such crap?

      • 1DaveN says:

        If VLC can ship a free DVD player, why can't Microsoft?

        Patents and codec licenses Neither French law nor European conventions recognize software as patentable

        When I was 8 years old, I used to scream at people I though had taken my stuff. After a few times being embarrassed because it was right where only I could have put it, I grew up a little and tried to moderate my tone in situations where I may not know what the f*** I'm talking about. Just saying.

      • Bobby Edwards says:

        It was sold separate in Windows 8 too, you have just forgotten that.

      • I don't remember, I actually never used it so maybe that is the reason.

      • Dan Kaschel says:

        Sure! To play DVDs you need to license a bunch of different software: VC-1, MPEG, Dolby, etc. VLC gets around this because a) it's free software, and b) they're based on France, which doesn't require them to pay the fees.

        Microsoft, however, needs to play (and pay) by the rules. And since they're going to a device model (where you pay for Windows once per device instead of for each version), cutting out licensing costs is a must.

        Nadella has been doing a terrific job at Microsoft and, while this is kind of unfortunate, it's because of the US's wacky IP environment, not because of Microsoft.

      • Thanks for the reply. But either way its a hard sell, since to the end user all this means little, but paying $15 does.

      • Dan Kaschel says:

        Haha, true.

      • barely_normal says:

        Not only is your link singularly unhelpful, it IS Microsoft's fault. Especially so in the cases where someone has tried to keep their machine from going FUBAR by doing a clean install. It should be no more difficult than to submit the original serial number and be given the URL to download. This is another place where, because Microsoft was not very clear in the first place, people suffer.

        Now, the fanboys will say the suffering is small, and they are correct, but it is still something that should not be, and yet M$ does not seem to care, else this would have been handled far better.

    • Bobby Edwards says:

      It was that way in Windows 8, do you folks all have a brain memory issue, this is not new.

  2. david95 says:

    What if you had Windows 8.1 with the $5 Media Center upgrade and you already upgraded to Windows 10 without it? Will they be updating these PCs? Even though to me this is worthless. it doesn't fix my Digital subscriber tuner card hooked in with media player allowing me to watch and record digital prescribed encrypted channels.

    • Wayne Williams says:

      You won't get it.

      • david95 says:

        Just because you said this with absolutely no information to prove your comment, I will assume I will. Thanks. :)

      • Wayne Williams says:

        Let us know if it arrives.

      • david95 says:

        You can count on it now that you just stated "You won't get it" without any source of information to support it. It's obviously just what you THINK. I don't want to know what people think, I want to know what IS. You should at least be accurate and say:

        "I think you won't get it."

      • 1DaveN says:

        Look for the FAQ, which says that you have to have Media Center installed when you upgrade to get the app for free. It's not other people's job to do the search for you, but the information is definitely out there if you look for it.

      • david95 says:

        What are you talking about? We already know that. It states that. It did NOT state whether you would get it free NOW if you ALREADY upgraded. I HAD MEDIA CENTER, which you would know if you read. Then I went somewhere else and found more info. That it would be part of an update if you HAD WMC before. Which again, you didn't read. Who said anything about free? Who said I didn't research? I even posted my findings which you didn't read. And now that the evidence has came back. EVERYTHING I SAID was absolutely 100% accurate.

        Please go troll somewhere else. You aren't making any sense here.

      • 1DaveN says:

        You have to have Media Center installed when you upgrade from Win7 or Win8.x to get the DVD app for free. That's why we're talking about Media Center - because if it's not enabled in your old OS when you upgrade to Windows 10, you have to pay for the app.

      • david95 says:

        Again. Why are you telling me something that isn't even the subject? I ALREADY KNOW THIS. I ALWAYS KNEW THIS. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I DIDN'T? Can you not read English?

        Why won't you STICK TO THE SUBJECT?

        I ALREADY HAVE THE APP. I didn't pay for it. I had MC when I upgraded to Windows 10. SO WHAT ARE YOU BABBLING ABOUT?

        Please put down the drugs. Now read this.

        The issue is, if you had MC and you already upgraded to Win10 WITHOUT the DVD app, would you GET IT LATER? THAT IS THE ISSUE. You have yet once addressed THIS ISSUE. But rambling about an irrelevant one.


      • 1DaveN says:

        I was responding to your repeated questions and requests for citations. I'm not having any problem reading English, and while I'm not on drugs, you seem to be in a state where a little something to take the edge off would really be helpful.

        Take your meds and read your first few posts. Eventually you'll probably figure out that I was only responding to what you wrote.

      • david95 says:

        My repeated questions and requests for citations? You babbling again? I did no such thing. I only asked ONE question. Would those who had WMC before they upgraded to WIN 10 BEFORE the DVD app came out, would they get it later?

        THAT IS IT.

        I refuse to read one more of you posts. You have proven your inability to have logical conversation with.

        After listening to all your babbling about irrelevant topics that haven't' even been brought up makes me want to take drugs.

      • 1DaveN says:

        Thank God.

      • david95 says:

        You're welcome.

      • david95 says:

        It arrived. I ran an update and I got a Windows 10 cumulative update. I ran that, restarted and viola, now I have Windows DVD player. I opened it and it is asking "To play something, insert a DVD". :)

        Too bad I'll never use it. :(

    • Lycronis says:

      They have stated that if you did an upgrade from 7 or 8 that had Media Center already, you will get it. If you did a clean install you would need to re-install the version of Windows that had Media Center and then upgrade to 10 to receive it but that after doing that it would always show in your apps library. I had 8.1 with Media Center but I did a clean install so I won't get it and it's not worth re-installing 8.1 just for that. Doesn't matter to me anyways as I rarely used it before and there are plenty of free alternatives if I ever did.

      • david95 says:

        Yes, I posted this 11 minutes before you posted that. Thanks anyway.

        Quoted statement from another article:

        "if your installation of Windows 8/8.1 had the Media Center Pack or Pro
        Pack installed," "Just check for updates in after you’re done upgrading,
        and the DVD Player app will be right there."

        And same here. I don't think I am going to use it anyway, so it's a non issue here too.

        It's nice to see the customer giving correct and accurate info, since I cannot depend on the mod for that, lol. He just said I won't be getting it. And it appears he is wrong. I did the upgrade so my license would be upgraded, though I did it using a DVD, not through the update online process.

  3. benjitek says:

    I wonder how long the user agreement is that you have to click through to use the app, or if it's already covered by the telemetry wording of the W10 agreement, transmitting and storing your viewing patterns.

  4. SoylentGreenIP says:

    Who watches DVD's anymore? I never used my Media Center PC to watch DVD's.

    • CharlesKGim says:

      Millions do. I bring DVD's everywhere when there is no network connection. Also, for backups and copies of data.

      • Bobby Edwards says:

        Media center is not needed to backup or store data, that is done with other tools built into Windows OS.

      • SoylentGreenIP says:

        The app is only used to play movies on DVD. I use DVD's for backup or other things as required.

    • Dansolo says:

      What media center was most useful for, in my opinion, was its ability to integrate with products like HDHomeRun. Personally I wouldn't recommend it for playing DVDs, either.

      WMC was especially great with HDHomeRun back when you could use an Xbox 360 as a media extender, but for some reason Microsoft has been delivering fewer and fewer media solutions for the - excuse the marketing buzzword here - "connected home." I'm not sure if it's because Microsoft is trying to save money (people will still use Windows, after all) or if it's because of the ever-increasing demands of the media producing companies to increase restrictions with DRM and such.

      • 1DaveN says:

        Someone just suggested keeping the old PC on Win7 and using Plex to stream the recorded TV to various devices (including the 360 apparently, although that wouldn't be necessary). I'm going to give that a go - put the old Win7 in the basement as a dedicated WMC, install the Plex client on my various devices, and see how it goes. The one thing I haven't figured out is the best way to watch live TV on a Windows 10 PC, but apparently there's a thing you can get from HDHomeRun that supports it.

      • Dansolo says:

        Yeah, their own software is okay, but it doesn't do DVR. I really like the media guide in Windows 7's WMC and its ability to DVR. They unfortunately gimped the 360 media extender capabilities at least in my area because non-premium channels that used to work with that for me just stopped working. I don't know if it was a Microsoft change or Comcast but I suspect the latter.

        Plex is pretty good for most use cases and I think it does work with HDHomeRun but I don't think it can DVR with it, either, last I checked.

      • 1DaveN says:

        This guy said you keep using WMC as you always have, but add the recorded TV folder as a library (or something - not sure of the terminology) in Plex. Then you can stream the recorded TV to any device that'll run a Plex client app. My issue was that if the WMC is in the basement, I can still use the 360 as an extender, but how do I watch TV on my desktop, laptop, and tablet. Apparently you can do all that with Plex, and then there's a little app you install on the PC just to let you watch live TV.

      • Dansolo says:

        Hmm.. I did use a program called MediaBuddy to convert the WMC files to a more generic format, but I wonder if Plex now natively works with the WMC filetype. If so, that is a useful addition. If not, well, you can look into Mediabuddy. I also used Comskip to automatically cut out commercials if that means anything to you (though it is far from perfect and required some tweaking before I had it accurately detecting commercials).

      • 1DaveN says:

        Thanks, I'll look at those. By the way, Windows Media Player will play those recorded TV files without converting them, and I'm pretty sure VLC will as well.

    • Jack Lemmon says:

      When the power and internet go out and the only thing left is my laptop battery, a good DVD is a life saver.

  5. PC_Tool says:

    This is dumb.

    Yes; it should be included by default. No; it's a complete non-issue as any PC will come with software to play DVDs and the drives are sold with software to play DVDs.

    The sheer amount of FUD being spread about Windows 10 boggles the mind...

    • 1DaveN says:

      Thank God there's a start menu, or we'd have to cancel our Internet connections to avoid the whining and crying.

      • PC_Tool says:

        Ah, but they're whining and crying about that as well.

        It's unavoidable. The clowns will have their circus.

      • Dansolo says:

        Agreed. Why should people have opinions when Microsoft and 1DaveN can do it for them? Thank you for seeing the light in this issue. You truly are a god among men.

      • 1DaveN says:

        I not only appreciate people having opinions, I especially like it when they repeat them thousands and thousands of times over a period of years. Did the 279,855th whiny rant about the start menu result in any better result than the first ten or twenty thousand blog posts?

        To be perfectly blunt, I'm sick and tired of tech writers who can't do any more than piss and moan. Tell us how to work around an issue, tell us a better alternative to the software, give us anything of value that adds to our productivity. It's a pointless and annoying waste of time to say the same thing over and over again with no result.

      • Dansolo says:

        The thing is... just because you think that Microsoft removing (and then resurrecting with changes) the Start Menu doesn't disturb your workflow does not make the opinions of others invalid. And while you state that you don't mind opinions, you imply that you only appreciate them when they are not made public. Are you aware that feedback from users often does factor into product design, and also that Microsoft has been specifically asking for feedback? The amount of feedback generated for certain opinions is just as useful as the actual opinion itself. It is helpful for both companies and other users to know how many people agree (or disagree) with certain choices.

        The thing about Microsoft and their changes is that they are changing certain things because they can, rather than because they should. And some of these changes are meant to "simplify" things that can't be simplified - just because you don't want to support separate interfaces for phones and desktops doesn't mean that they don't require separate interfaces.

        I've read many opinions that favor the Windows 7 style and a lot that favor Windows 8.x and Windows 10 as well. But the worst opinions are those from people like you who can't respect that the opinions of others are valid, and are not crying or whining.

      • 1DaveN says:

        I don't disrespect people's opinions, even when I disagree. What I'm complaining about is the fact that tech bloggers kept banging on the start menu issue over and over again until it was enough to make me scream. I got it the first few times I heard it, and I certainly didn't need two years of relentless moaning. And I'm talking about writers, not commenters. (I don't like it any more from commenters but I'm guilty of the same thing myself. The difference is that commenters don't get paid for producing valuable information).

        There were a couple of people who wrote informative articles about start menu replacement apps. Those were valuable. I'm sure you probably get my point by now. And while I didn't particularly miss the start menu myself, now that it's back, I'll happily use it. I won't miss the daily articles that could have simply said stick with Win7, get an app - but instead chose to just moan and groan without providing anything useful except adding fuel to the fire of Microsoft bashing.

    • Dansolo says:

      You should probably go look up what FUD means because it doesn't describe anything here, either the editorial or any of the comments (not even the comments I disagree with).

      • PC_Tool says:

        Did they change the meaning? Last I checked, this article and many of the comments are pretty much the very definition of FUD.

        FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

        Fear: OMG! No DVD player software!
        Uncertainty: How will I play my DVDs!!
        Doubt: Should I really upgrade to Windows 10???

      • Dansolo says:

        I'm not sure where you're getting that from because while there are many stupid editorials on this site, I don't think any of the writers or users of this site are stupid enough to think that one would need to pay this $15 to Microsoft to be able to play DVDs. I'm sure every single one of us knows about at least one alternative piece of software like VLC or Media Player Classic or mplayer/smplayer/etc.

        It is valid to discuss what Windows 10 includes over previous versions, what it drops from previous versions, what features now include ads, what you need to pay extra for, etc.

        If someone said they're avoiding Windows 10 solely because of this editorial, I would agree that that'd be a silly opinion, but I don't see that here.

  6. async2013 says:

    THE subscription model WILL be coming to you in about 11 months

    • In 11 months, a message will inform you that after 'enjoying the features of Windows 10 for a year, it is now time to pay for the software on a low monthly $9.99 subscription plan'.

      • fredclown says:

        That is not the model that Microsoft is moving toward. I know multiple people that work at Microsoft on the Windows team and this is not the case.

      • barely_normal says:

        Really? Are any of them able to find their asses using both hands?

      • Chandan Gupta says:

        Are you?

      • barely_normal says:

        You don't think paying for a DVD player is part of the plan to make

        Windows like LEGOs, where you pay for each part? What about the Solitaire Suite, where you need to pay to avoid aggravation, forever. Sounds like permanent payment plan to me.

      • Conservative411 says:

        I have no problem getting a CHOICE of program to use. I can choose either a free or paid MS program or I can choose a free or paid for third party app. IF you haven't noticed there are many FREE apps that get installed with the OS now like the PDF printer. I don't think MS has ever included a PDF printer for free.

      • 1DaveN says:

        All of that's a far cry from $9.99 a month, though.

      • david95 says:

        Stop spreading false rumors.

      • Bobby Edwards says:

        Tag along with async, and see the Wizard, he can fill that cavity between the ears.

      • Conservative411 says:

        Why are you lying?

      • 1DaveN says:

        That's not the worst of it. They took out Media Center to get you to buy an Xbox One, and then the Kinect feature watches you walking around in your underwear. Any time they want to, they can start a revenge porn site and blackmail you. (Your mom was right when she told you to always wear clean ones).

    • barely_normal says:

      I know it IS coming, but I can't see how they could implement it that quickly. What are your thoughts on how it could be done without a complete uprising by the masses?

      • 1DaveN says:

        Microsoft will never do subscription for Windows, and here's an argument even crazy people can agree with: they're charging monthly or yearly for solitaire. They're charging $15 for a DVD player app. They charge for extra OneDrive storage. They charge for Office 365. They get a cut of every app sold through the Windows Store. They charge for music, videos, and Xbox games.

        IMO Microsoft has the perfect incentive for giving Windows 10 away for free, and then charging only for OEM licenses after the first year. They'll make less on Windows but still enough, while enabling them to vastly expand the things they charge consumers for.

        I have a brother who uses only Apple products. I've asked him repeatedly why he buys songs for $1.50 when they're $1 on Amazon, or books for $15 when they're $10 or $12 on Amazon. HIs answer is that it's so easy to buy from the Apple store, he's not looking elsewhere to save a little money. IMO that's exactly what Microsoft's looking for - I don't care how much a movie costs, because I push one button, watch it on the living room TV until I get tired, resume in bed, then take my tablet in and finish it up on the throne. And MS will make a buck or two every time I do it.

      • barely_normal says:

        There IS something to be said for convenience, but I would never do that, though I might inherit the wealth of Donald Trump. I buy where things cost the least [though I do a cost/difficulty to obtain analysis, mentally] and cannot see myself buying movies or music for streaming EVER.

        I am not cheap, but I know that by being careful, I can spend more on something else I wish to have.

      • 1DaveN says:

        They don't need everyone to do it : -)

        BTW, I don't buy streaming music either, but I ended up deciding that based on my viewing habits, it's cheaper for me to rent every movie I want to watch from Amazon (or whoever) than to maintain a Netflix DVD subscription. When I watched more, Netflix was the better deal. YMMV.

    • Bobby Edwards says:

      The next time you see Dorothy and Toto go past your house, you may want to tag along the Wizard can help those like you.
      As they have stated numerous times now, there will be no subscription today, or any time in the future, once it installed, it is yours free for life.

  7. Elf says:

    Just download VLC Media Player instead.

  8. I am not touching Windows 10 for another 2 years! Nothing's free!!!

    • david95 says:

      Free is a relative term. No it isn't free, it cost Microsoft a lot of money. However, in relation to you, it IS free.

    • Bobby Edwards says:

      No not in two years it won't be. AS they have said time and time again, the update is free for one year, after that it will cost you to upgrade

    • Conservative411 says:

      Lets put it this way. It wont cost you any more than what it costs you now. Do you have kids? If so do you really want them to be behind everyone else? While the kids in school are learning and using Windows 10 your kids will be on Windows 7.

      • Dansolo says:

        Is that how we need to resort to advertising Windows now?

        It makes no difference if your kids are on 7 or 10, and sticking with 7 isn't somehow going to prevent them from learning to use a computer.

        I'm having trouble figuring out whether you're a troll or if you really believe the garbage you're spewing into these comments. I suppose that is the hallmark of a proper troll.

      • Conservative411 says:

        You may have a hard time figuring out if I am a troll but we all know you are. Get lost.

      • Conservative411 says:

        You don't think learning on something that everyone else is going to be using is important? That is great. I hope your kids learn on Windows 3.1.1. Geesh.

      • Dansolo says:

        I would absolutely agree that there is technology old enough that it isn't worth learning (or at least not teaching to children who could be learning more relevant stuff), but Windows 10 is not such a revolution that Windows 7 users become irrelevant. Also it's going to be a LONG time before Windows 7 is gone.

        I do think that Windows 10 should be good for phones and probably tablets - if you want Windows on your phone/tablet - but Linux which you seem to hate so much has been succeeding via Android. P.S. I am not saying Android or Linux are perfect, either, nor that Windows is necessarily the wrong choice. However I do find your bias towards Windows 10 to be unreasonably strong.

      • Conservative411 says:

        I have a bias for Windows because I can't do what I need to do on anything else. If I could I would switch to Linux or MAC or a Chromebook or whatever. It isn't even remotely possible at this time. I am in the process of upgrading 4 business to Windows 10. I am at about 10% right now. The rest will be at a very slow pace over the next 3-6 months but by Q1 '16 all locations and users will be Windows 10. Why upgrade? Because I am taking advantage of this opportunity to have all users on the same OS for a change at the low cost of $0. Again I would gladly switch to something else if there was something better but this is the best option and does a darn good job.

      • async2013 says:

        Sound like a guy stuck in proprietary hell. Sad state of affairs really

      • Conservative411 says:

        If I liked the options out there then yes it would be sad. Since I like the OS I am stuck in then not so bad.

      • 1DaveN says:

        When I managed Unix servers back in the SCO days, there wasn't much more proprietary than that. And it was a sad state of affairs, as you say, to the point that we upgraded our servers to Windows NT.

      • barely_normal says:

        Which is why, if they really want to prosper, the Linux distributions should become complete analogues of each other, save for the shell.

      • barely_normal says:

        Kids at advanced schools are being started on Linux. and if this was done everywhere, Microsoft would be straightened up. listening to customers, in two generations, or out of business.

      • Conservative411 says:

        "kids at advanced schools" LOL . What a silly comment! I could say kids at advanced schools are starting out with Windows. Silly Silly Silly

  9. Dgwp says:

    it's why i have Blu-Ray player software installed, even Microsofts lame attempt at a player doesn't handle them.

    • dizzy_davidh says:

      There is a licence requirement (payable in part by the software manufacturer) for including blu-ray functionality in media player software and having lost a ton of cash in the whole hd-dvd vs. blu-ray fight, I very much doubt Microsoft would like to pay Sony and chums the money to cover such a licence even if the bulk of the cost came from the consumer in buying the said media player.

      • Dgwp says:

        oh well, it's not like microsoft can't afford it. it's a providing the consumer what they want vs same old same old.

        personally I don't expect them to provide a media player at all.

      • Dan Kaschel says:

        This isn't a reasonable way to view a corporation's decisions. Microsoft is owned by hundreds of thousands of individuals; I myself own a few shares. Maybe "Microsoft" can afford to give things away, but I can't afford for Microsoft to spend my money giving things away.

      • Dgwp says:

        LOL.... it's your choice to own those shares. personally giving away a primary product like this would prompt me to dump those shares as there currently is no defined plan to monetize the product (which is always a bad plan to begin with)

        so the decision isn't just a view on whether they can afford it or not but also what the consumer wants. Microsoft likes loss leaders in their portfolio though.

      • Dan Kaschel says:

        Microsoft has a robust strategy for monetizing its flagship products as its revenue model evolves; their earnings calls have included a lot of great information, but even their 10K is worth the read. I love Nadella and think she's doing an awesome job.

        I'm not saying your analysis is wrong, just that my accidental implication that I disagreed with MS's strategy was just that: accidental. If I felt as you did (and many do), I'd also divest myself of any interest in MS.

        I agree that whether they can afford it or not isn't really the point, but the incremental cost basis was undoubtedly the primary consideration in the decision to spin DVD playback into a separate product.

      • Dgwp says:

        I've seen the earnings call information and the dreaded "subscription" model that they are cruising towards..... problem is it's going to bite Microsoft in the butt when they implement it.

        that and the ability to monetize it in the "app" store.

        it's unfortunate that Microsoft is taking the route it is and making the customer the product. It's one of the primary reasons I'm refusing to upgrade right now at home. we may or may not upgrade at work but still trying to determine what to do there especially with the new privacy issues inherent to the new OS.

  10. Ronin says:

    No charge for the keylogger and other assorted spyware that are now standard in windows either.

  11. KnownErrorist says:

    Yet another reason to NOT use Windows. Windows is the last end-user desktop OS that still costs money. Clearly MS hasn't the clue yet. yeah, sure, 10 is free for certain qualifying people, but all other solutions are totally free for everyone, even Mac OS X is now free (as long as you have Mac hardware). Linux has always been free for desktop users, and without the spying.

    • david95 says:

      And yet it still cannot overtake a paid Operating system. What does that tell you? That the people think Windows is better even at a price. I can't believe they would think it's worse now just because it is free.

      • Dansolo says:

        Without getting into any points about what is better and what is worse, I will say this: The vast majority of PC users don't care about Windows vs Linux and what is better and worse in various ways... They simply go to a store, buy the cheapest computer they can find, and use whatever it came with. Period. The vast majority of people would find Windows and Linux equivalent for their own basic uses.

      • 1DaveN says:

        I somewhat agree (and I think your point is proven by people who switch between iPhone and Android, and those who use tablets with no idea what OS they run). However, familiarity comes into it as well. I think probably people who use Windows all day at work would naturally gravitate toward that. It takes an informed, conscious decision to buy something else, and IMO people who are rushing to the cheapest one in the store aren't making those kinds of decisions.

      • david95 says:

        I disagree. Many older people don't want to learn a new OS, period. 2nd, when purchasing at the store you have NO choice on OS. So that is irrelevant. When they have to "purchase" and upgrade, they still pay money to purchase that upgrade than purchase a new Linux OS they know absolutely nothing about, and neither does their friends and family who support it for them.

      • Dansolo says:

        I've set up PCs for plenty of old people and there are lots of older users at my work and they literally don't even know what OS they are using. I am 100% positive that for almost all of them I could set up Linux, make it work close enough to whatever Windows version they are used to, and get absolutely no more complaints than I would with Windows.

        Not saying this is true for everyone. Also I definitely agree that Linux is more of a pain to set up. And it is true that there is still a lot of software that doesn't work with it, though not nearly as bad as 5+ years ago. But the average PC user just wants a desktop that has icons for web browsing, email, etc. And those people wouldn't be able to install Windows on their own, either.

      • david95 says:

        Who cares if they don't know what it is. 90% of them still are using Windows whether they know it or not. That is irrelevant. :)

        BTW, I am an IT analyst who works on Windows, Linux and Unix. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. I don't favor one over the other except in different situations. For example, an ERP system should be run on UNIX, not Windows server or Linux. I have run them on UNIX and Windows server. UNIX is far more stable.

        The biggest advantage with Windows is support. If you are computer savvy, then you are OK, but unless you know someone who is, they have to rely on each other to support each other, and they only know Windows.

      • async2013 says:

        Nothing to do with Microsoft having the OEM's sawn up though is it?

      • 1DaveN says:

        Not sure about the other OEMs, but Dell's been selling Linux PCs for years. Pretty sure Lenovo does as well - at least tablets.

      • Dansolo says:

        Yeah, but even for the casual users that actually go on their site and configure a machine - which is rare for a casual user to do - they're still going to leave most stuff at the default value. There may be some recognition in the Windows name that may keep them with that option, yes, you're right. But many of those users are not gaming and are not using any sort of specialized software and really do just need a web browser and email client.

        BTW, I am not saying those users should or should not be using Linux. I'm just saying that many of them could. While I will absolutely react to what Microsoft does, as a past customer and potential continued customer of theirs, I don't really care if other people use Linux or not.

      • barely_normal says:

        Inertia is a bitch, and people are basically stupid and lazy.

    • Bobby Edwards says:

      Have you ever looked at what they charge for the Mac hardware? So since they got you once, they give software upgrades free, Microsoft does not build and sell the hardware most of its software runs on.

    • Conservative411 says:

      Linux really? I tried running Office but couldn't. I tried running our corporate software but cant. I tried running our banks software to scan checks but cant. I tried running the games I play but couldn't. I tried running our nesting software but couldn't. I tried running SolidWorks but couldn't. I tried running our security camera software on it but couldn't. I tried using a touchscreen with Linux but it was lousy. I tried running Linux on a tablet and it was horrid.
      The list goes on and on so why in the world would I want to put up with that again? I would love to run Linux but it is useless to me.

      • david95 says:

        I would have stopped after office. :)

      • Conservative411 says:

        I thought about it but then he would say OpenOffice is way better, which it isn't. I used it for years on a home system and it was painfully incompatible.

      • async2013 says:

        Incompatibility put there by Microsoft NOT for your benefit

      • Conservative411 says:

        Office runs on MAC, iOS, android, Windows. The reason it isn't on Linux is because it would cost them more than they would make. Linux usage is estimated to be between 1%-2% and of those many are part time users or users that don't want Office. If Linux had a larger customer base then Office would be there. Do you not know how business works?

      • Bob Grant says:

        Android is Linux...

        Linux runs on over 50% of servers world wide...

      • dwick_OR says:

        Big whoop... this thread of comments was kicked off by a reference to end-user desktop OSs.

        "Windows is the last end-user desktop OS that still costs money."

      • Designer Dragon says:

        LOL ok dumbass I guess they should release a Linux version of Office so people can install it on their servers. ROFL.

      • async2013 says:

        Android runs the linux kernel...dumbass

      • Designer Dragon says:

        I see you are too stupid to even follow the conversation. Android was covered already.
        Tell me, FOSStard, can you run Android MS Office on your Linux trash box?
        Hurr durr but servers hurrrrrr

      • Conservative411 says:

        Where to start. First off that 50% are WEB servers. Take web servers out of the equation and that number is ALOT lower. Two UNIX is predominate on web servers. I know I am splitting hairs but still a bit different. Third what do servers have to do with Office? I don't run Office on ANY server so my comment still stands. The reason MS hasn't developed office for Linux is because it isn't worth it. Only 1%-2% of the computers run Linux and only a fraction of those even want to run Office so why developed. That would be insane.

      • async2013 says:

        The incompatibilities are put there by Microsoft to keep you locked in. Proprietary hell pal

      • Conservative411 says:

        I just explained why that is NOT true. It runs on all the other OS's. The reason it isn't on Linux is because Linux is too small of a market. The End. If YOUR conspiracy theory was right then MS wouldn't have brought it to iOS, MAC, and Android.

      • async2013 says:

        Android runs LInux

      • Dansolo says:

        Except you didn't try any of those things, and it's completely obvious to any Linux user.

        Keep using Windows if you want, but that BS isn't getting past me.

      • Conservative411 says:

        I couldn't even install them. I have run Linux. Tell me how I can install ANY of those on Linux? You cant tell me because you cant install them. You will say use OpenOffice. Ok I can do that but it isn't the same and isn't as compatible especially when it comes to keeping layouts right and macros. That is just Office what about all the other programs I need to run but cant even install? Linux is great if you can do what you need to do on it but for many we cant do what we need. I wish you could.

      • Dansolo says:

        There are some games that don't work on Linux, but most of them work via WINE if not natively. I imagine you do know, from a general perspective, what WINE is, and you probably think it's a major pain. Well, to a degree it is, but check out PlayOnLinux which makes WINE so much easier that it is literally easier to install many Windows games on Linux than it is on Windows natively.

        I would say use LibreOffice or OpenOffice, yes, though they are definitely not as good in many ways - especially if you use Powerpoint as that REALLY sucks in the free programs (last I checked - about 2 years ago - anyway.. I rarely use presentation programs).

        I scan checks to my bank in Linux with their Java app just fine and I have seen friends and family use similar (or probably the same but rebranded) Java applets with their own bank.

        As I said in other posts, I'm not here to claim that Linux is superior to Windows or that Windows 10 has no advantages or anything like that, but in my experience, just about everyone that implies that Linux works with nothing hasn't tried. Real Linux experiences generally will contain negative aspects but not 100% negative.

      • async2013 says:

        Which is why you are still stuck in proprietary hell. I believe the word spineless sheep comes to mind

      • Conservative411 says:

        Go ahead and continue using your half of an OS.

      • 1DaveN says:

        Do you think your nasty tone makes people pay more attention to your lame ass statements? Or do they ignore you because the lack of much negative commentary about Windows 10 has you so enraged your blood pressure needs medical attention? One guy is a Windows sheep, you're a Unix sheep, who cares? But you're doing yourself a disservice by having people ignore what you say because you talk like a dick.

      • async2013 says:

        It's only a nasty tone to a person stuck in proprietary hell and knows it but cant defend it.
        The only people that need medical attention around here are yourself, BoltmanSucks and Brian Fagioli for his weight.
        I get lots of laughs from comments like yours :)

      • 1DaveN says:

        It would be interesting to see if a neutral 3rd party like your wife or shrink would agree with you, or me. Over time, your comments have gotten more spiteful and personal - you're not commenting about the topic any more, you're just maligning the other posters. I don't really care, but I used to consider your opinion. Now I just marvel at your nasty attitude. Does it really lessen your quality of life that much that I choose to use proprietary software, like what, 98 or 99% of the rest of the world?

      • async2013 says:

        I think a 3rd party would be more interested in your reluctance to understand basic facts and a doctor needs to find your backbone. A product of the pansy generation that laps up anything given to them then cries when it goes wrong. Never see the root problem is a disease in society.
        I just laugh at the sadness really. Given up hope of anything else.
        At least the laughs continue...watching the fanboys defend the indefensible.

      • 1DaveN says:

        Well, you're finally waking me up to the fact that while less than 1% of the world's PCs run GNU, the over-95% of those who use Windows and OSX are diseased pansies. I'm sure there must be dozens of people worldwide who see things the way you do.

      • NDCantHandleTheTruth says:

        Ignore this loser. He pushes Linux like ISIS pushes Islam. For all his whining about "proprietary", this hypocrite is an avid CONSOLE GAME Player. That's right. It's ok for him to choose to be "locked in proprietary hell" when it comes to gaming, but not ok for you to choose Windows as your preferred platform.

        He's likely a loner, masturbating between Nintendo sessions and thinking up new ways he can harass people into using a half-baked UI on an OS that's powerful but so convoluted most losers like him will spend more time working on OS issues than actually doing anything meaningful.

      • async2013 says:

        I have never played a console game. That puts your quite hilarious rant to bed straight away. I presume you're a butt hurt Xbox one owner ;-)

      • Conservative411 says:

        You mean run third party software on a non mainstream OS so I can run mainstream software? What a convoluted mess.

      • Quix says:

        Why would you be able to run Windows programs on any other operating system?

      • Conservative411 says:

        You didn't get it. Never mind.

      • Quix says:

        I'm sorry, I'm just too annoyed I can't install my PS4 games on my Windows PC or my iPhone apps on my fridge.

      • Designer Dragon says:

        Linux is trash. Even giving it away people don't want it. LOL.

      • barely_normal says:

        Do you need to purchase a clue?

      • Designer Dragon says:

        Oh look another butthurt FOSStard mad that no one wants their crappy 90s UI software.

    • Dan Kaschel says:

      Not quite true. Microsoft is switching to a device-license model, so that you pay for Windows once per device rather than once per version. If you think about it, this is exactly the same thing Apple does; the only difference is that Microsoft doesn't make any money on the hardware.

  12. AlgorithmicAnalyst says:

    Thank you for this information!

  13. Bobby Edwards says:

    This is no different to how it was in Windows 8, I still have the receipt for adding it to one of my desktops.

  14. ebinrock says:

    Thank goodness I bought my Power DVD 14, as I like to also play blu-rays on my PC.

  15. trparky says:

    If it played Blu-Rays discs I would grab this software in a hot second since most commercial solutions for playing Blu-Ray discs... suck. I'm looking at you PowerDVD and WinDVD, you two are the worst offenders!

  16. bourgeoisdude says:

    Just download free VLC player and be done with it. No need for this app.

    • Dansolo says:

      No need for Windows 10, either.

      • PrivateOne says:

        True that!

        Windows 10 is a steaming pile of cow dung that reaches into the stratosphere....

      • Rick Williams says:

        In what ways?

      • David says:

        I disagree. Held out with Windows 7 and avoided 8 and 8.1 like the black plague. Windows 10 is refined and speedy. I like it's GUI, very similar but, well, better. You, it seems, are in the minority.

      • Thretosix says:

        That is a pretty pessimistic view of a free OS. I have converted dozens of laptops and several desktops for friends and they absolutely love it.

  17. Bill Goodman says:


  18. david95 says:

    I ran a Windows 10 update when I got home. There was a Windows 10 cumulative update. I installed that and rebooted. I know have the Windows DVD player.

    It is version 3.6.1176.0

    I just don't think I will ever use it. :(

  19. Paul Dss says:

    Seems to be an ok operating system so far.. Just peeked, apparently they gave it to me already.

  20. David Swanson says:

    W10 will extract its pound of flesh if you do not read the licensing agreement, and if you do consent, turning off the surveillance subsystem is a painstaking process and you never know if it is truly off. Your private matters will be shared with 3rd parties and the gubberment.

  21. Michelle Con says:

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  22. fredreed says:

    I think that Microsoft needs to make the DVD player free for everyone simply because I read an article about this in one of my computer magazines and there are a lot of free DVD Players that are out there that are free and they are much deeper in features then Microsoft's is. Microsoft do the right thing and make the DVD player free for everyone If your gonna make windows 10 a free upgrade for everyone who has windows 7 or windows 8.1 then It needs to be free for everyone but only up to a year.

  23. Jim says:

    I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 on July 29, 2015 and received the DVD Player app free without even asking for it. A few days later I had a hard drive failure and had to replace the drive, reinstall Windows 7 Pro and redo the upgrade to Windows 10. This time I did not receive the DVD Player App. I have since installed VLC Media Player and am quite happy with it. I do agree that Microsoft should make the app free, at least for the first year while the Windows 10 upgrade is free.

  24. Bert says:

    I got the new Windows 10 DVD Player, because I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium. But it never worked right, so hopefully no one who did not get the new Windows DVD Player is wasting money buying it! Buy something else. I wish I could uninstall this Windows DVD Player.

    Initially, the player would only play the FBI warning and the trailers. After the first major update, the dumb thing quite playing any part of DVDs. It says something about decoding error.

    All we get from Microsoft is platitudes, just the basic checks that you have the latest drivers installed, bla bla bla. Yet, tons of people are having this problem. I checked everything, including sfc /scannow, the drivers, I played CDs to make sure the drive is fine, I can see files in DVDs, but it doesn't play the DVDs.

    Microsoft needs to come clean. Acknowledge the problem, send an update. Surely, someone at Microsoft still knows what it takes to play back DVDs? My system is very straightforward: Intel Core i5 650, using Intel integrated HD graphics. Latest BIOS available, latest graphics driver. I even went to the Intel site and ran their utility, to make sure there wasn't a better driver available for Windows 10. Everything checks out fine, but DVDs don't play.

  25. Christina Yu says:

    but stay in the old place don't usually work. You see, Windows 10 is awesome for the Edge browser, and you can try the new MS snip, released hours age to record screen and process. Up grade means better performance, but not always convenience, here one thing called 5KPlayer, a player+downloader+AirPlayer in one, hope it can meet your media demands if you change your mind to Win 10. FYI:

  26. Rachel Starner says:

    Thanks so much for the VLC Media Player!! I just bought a computer with Windows 10 and would never have dreamed this was a feature I had to pay for (I bought the LG DVD writer just a few months ago), I'm even subscribed to Office 365 and this is not included.

  27. Roger says:

    VlC is a classic software. I uesd it for a long time until I like to see the subtitle when I am watching movies.

    A totally free player- macgo media player for windows is free and works on win 10 since win 10 cannot playback dvd freely. After a long-time trial. this one is definitely my type.

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