TiVo Bolt on the way, clears FCC

TiVo logo 200 pixWhen it comes to DVRs there are many choices. Most come from cable and satellite service providers. While these have improved over time, like Dish Hopper and DirecTV Genie, they aren't perfect, although they are getting more usable.

Now TiVo is readying it's own new device. The company produces what some feel is the best DVR you can get. The latest version is called Bolt and it's just cleared the FCC.

This is apparently not a large device, as forum commenters have pegged it at 11.2 x 6.8 x 1.7, so it's quite a bit slimmer than the Roamio it will replace.

Zatz Not Funny reports that "With a max height of only 1.77″, we wonder if TiVo is sticking with full-sized hard drives for storage and can effectively disperse heat. Beyond its unusual appearance, perhaps the Bolt’s arch will assist in the thermodynamics department".

Beyond the FCC filing and speculation, we have little to go on. How many tuners? What size storage? Those are all questions that will be answered when it hits the market. What are you hoping for in the department of capability and capacity?

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