Most Apple Watch users embrace Apple Pay

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New research has found that almost 80 percent of Apple Watch owners are using the tech giant’s contactless payment system, Apple Pay.

The research was carried out by Wristly, which is an independent research platform. It asked 1,000 people whether they were using Apple Pay or not and almost 80 percent of them answered affirmatively. Nine percent said that they preferred to pay through their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (these are the only two compatible iPhones as of now).

The research was done in the US and the UK because those are the only two countries where Apple Pay can be used.

Other people who weren’t using Apple Pay, said that they weren’t using because their banks didn’t support the system. The rest of the people who are not using said that they didn’t trust the system enough to protect their transactions.

It is obvious that if a person is owning an Apple Watch, they will probably be using Apple Pay to increase the usability of the Watch.

According to the research, it is estimated that in a short time, almost 95 percent of people will adopt Apple Pay. The remaining five percent will refrain from using the contactless payment service altogether.

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