Google Calendar is getting a new URL for security reasons

Calendar delay

Google Calendar is used by many people to track (seemingly) their every activity. That's a good thing, as it keeps users organized and calendars can be shared with family and co-workers so they also know what's going on. But what about its security? It doesn't seem a huge issue, given the nature of the service -- it isn't your bank, after all.

Google is ever vigilant, however, and has been thinking this part through and is now making some changes. The update brings a new URL, but it's really about security.

"In an effort to further increase security, in the coming weeks we’ll be changing the main Google Calendar URL from to", the search giant announces.

What does this change mean? Well, not all is coming up roses, as Google admits that some extensions may cease to operate properly. However, the company has contacted developers in an attempt to alleviate this problem. Also some notifications may generate an error and users will need to reset permissions for those. Finally, Google advises "Apps customers parsing the old Calendar URL structure for any custom tools, etc are advised to update them to also reference the new URL structure".

As for availability, you can expect the update to take place as a Rapid Release in late September, and other customers will receive it about two weeks later.

Image Credit: iQconcept / Shutterstock

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