Home automation gets another boost as MivaTek launches solutions to secure your home

home automation

The Internet of Things is everywhere these days, and has become almost unavoidable. Reaction can be a bit mixed, ranking from calling it SkyNet to embracing the technology. It doesn't always work as planned -- I'm reasonably certain that one of my colleagues here could turn off my lights (don't get any ideas guys).

Now MivaTek aims to fix those problems with new solutions for both home and business. Included are security cameras, water leak sensors and monitoring for disruptions to the alarm system. More importantly, it can keep track of health and send help if needed.

"Comprehensiveness, six services in one app, a 27+ device ecosystem, and auto-configures in minutes makes MivaTek smart and unique. Hardware firewall is built-in in our intelligent MivaShuttle to protect video privacy from hackers, and we offer local and cloud storage for free”, says Joe Liu, founder of the company.

This isn't cheap, but perhaps the old adage that you "get what you pay for" rings true. Packages will start at $9.99 per month and you'll have a three year contract. However, there is no money down to get started. You can check it all out by visiting MivaTek.

Photo Credit: bergserg/ Shutterstock

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