Metalogix launches real-time protection for SharePoint content


With security breaches becoming more common the need to secure all aspects of an organization’s data is greater than ever.

Microsoft's SharePoint is one of the most popular content collaboration tools and needs protecting just as much as anything else. Up to now, however, SharePoint security solutions have been passive, using a mix of permissions management and compliance-driven reporting functions.

System management software company Metalogix is launching its latest ControlPoint 7.0 software which can deliver real-time situational awareness into suspicious SharePoint user activity to help prevent costly data breaches and leakages.

The software uses machine learning to analyze and detect suspicious patterns of activity in SharePoint and prevent unauthorized access to content. The technology monitors SharePoint around the cloud and alerts on suspicious behavior, tracking behavior anomalies and unauthorized access based on geo-location to protect against both internal and external threats. By letting admins see which content users are accessing, including when, where, what time and how often, ControlPoint can help organizations avoid unauthorized access and usage.

"We've seen SharePoint mature to the point where a host of Fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world use it. As a result it's used to store more sensitive data, the corporate lifeblood of companies that could do serious damage if exposed," says Jai Dargan, Product Manager at Metalogix. "Companies have to balance the risk of adding security against inhibiting the productivity of their users. ControlPoint 7.0 uses behavioral analytics to address the need for more intelligent and more accurate security of content that conventional permissions management simply doesn't provide".

The analytics element is integrated with Sensitive Content Manager, launched earlier this year, which uses machine learning to locate, classify and act on sensitive content within SharePoint. It pinpoints unauthorized access and alerts on suspicious behavior up to, and including locking users out of SharePoint.

More information on ControlPoint 7.0 and Sensitve Content Manager is available on the Metalogix website.

Imaged Credit: soliman design / Shutterstock

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