How many users are actually paying for Dropbox?

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Stat attack: Dropbox has more than 400 million users worldwide. Out of that number, some 8 million are business users.

From those 8 million, there are more than 150,000 paying ones. Those are the numbers given by the company’s chief executive officer Drew Houston, during the Dropbox Open conference, held in San Francisco yesterday.


The company had 130,000 paying customers just a few months ago.

"We have added 50,000 paying business customers in the past 10 months", Houston said.

He also discussed the competition, without actually saying the company’s name. "We’ve added more paying business customers than they have in their lifetime, think about that", Houston said. VentureBeat believes he was actually talking about the publicly traded Box.

Dropbox’s unnamed "competitor" is facing a "challenge", Houston said, because it doesn’t "have that kind of bottoms-up adoption. It’s a lot harder for them to get customers".

During the conference Dropbox also announced the launch of Dropbox Enterprise, a tier of service that builds on Dropbox Business and is leaning toward the biggest businesses.

Dropbox Enterprise provides the same core security features, admin capabilities, and modern collaboration tools as Dropbox Business -- plus new deployment tools, advanced controls, and services and support designed specifically for large organizations.

With Dropbox Enterprise, IT can give employees the Dropbox they love while getting the advanced capabilities they need to effectively manage tens of thousands of users, protect company data, and get the most from the investment.

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