Windows Live Writer goes open source


Perhaps it never really caught on, or at least didn't go big, but Windows Live Writer is a solid tool for blogging. This isn't Word, which is what many writers use, but it's still a capable weapon in the arsenal of any author.

The new program is called, quite simply, Open Live Writer and it's being released now. It has also been contributed to the .NET Foundation. It allows writers to edit and publish stories directly from within it.

Rob Dolin of Microsoft comments "Windows Live Writer has been turning blogging up to 11 since 2007, but since 2012 things have been a bit quiet with the application itself. However over the past few months I have had the pleasure working with a very passionate group of engineers volunteering their time to ensure that Live Writer has a sustainable future. I'm pleased to announce that today the .NET Foundation welcomes a new project -- Open Live Writer".

This is a good thing, since apparently many use and love it, but the company has not actively been developing the program. Putting it on GitHub should ensure its future for those who are fans of the platform. Remember that this is now a volunteer team, so your help is encouraged.

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