Earbits music service had a data breach, but there should be no need for concern

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Earbits, which came close to shutting down before being backed by You 42, is a popular platform for finding new artists. It's available, not only on the web, but also for Android, iOS and Chrome. The service was founded in 2010 by Joey Flores with the goal of promoting the artists and doing so without ads or premium plans.

The problem with any online service is security and there are many examples of those who got that part wrong. Often times these sites were poorly protected and user data has been stolen -- names, emails, even credit card numbers.

Fortunately that is not the case in the latest incident. Earbits detected a breach in its system and claims while this did expose usernames and passwords, the latter were encrypted.

In a statement Flores informs "we have confirmed that no data was accessed during the period of vulnerability, including no music files or other media was taken, and all password information was encrypted and not accessed. Because we do not store credit card or any other sensitive information, and all passwords are encrypted, we do not believe any action is necessary by our users. However, if it would make you feel more comfortable, you can change your password at Earbits.com".

It's worth following the advice and changing your password, even if there truly is no problem. In fact, periodic changing of passwords is also a good idea.

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