VAIO unveils beautiful business-focused 'Z' and 'S' Windows 10 laptops


While many still associate the name "VAIO" with Sony, the two are no longer linked. In 2014, Sony exited the personal computer segment by selling its PC business. This was unfortunate, as many people loved Sony's laptops. Sure, they were largely expensive, but they were also arguably the closest thing to Apple that Windows users could buy from an elegance and design standpoint.

Today, the company simply known as VAIO announces two new lines of laptops. The unimaginatively named "Z" and "S" computers appear to capture the magic of Sony's designs, while offering really impressive specs too. The flip variant of the Z in particular features an amazing hinge that allows the screen to fold flat without spinning it around.

"VAIO Z and S notebooks address major pain points for demanding business executives by offering multiple ports, long battery life, portability and exceptional user experience. Whether you’re giving a presentation, heading to an important meeting or needing to work for hours on end, the VAIO Z and S notebooks have you covered", says VAIO.

Speaking about the higher-end "Z" line, the company says, "the VAIO Z's chassis utilizes aluminum and UD carbon to provide stability and durability. Its keyboard eliminates high frequency typing noises by fine-tuning the keycap tooling. The touchpad uses mica, a type of stone, to deliver the best feel when clicking on the touchpad, and there is a special coating on the keyboard that eliminates unwanted smudges. The VAIO Z flip model comes with a 13.3 inch WQHD display, while the VAIO Z clamshell model comes with a 13.3 inch WQHD display or a 13.3 inch full HD display".

See what I mean, folks? VAIO's focus on design and materials is very much unlike other Windows laptop manufacturers. Quite often, non-Apple machines use lesser-quality build materials in order to keep costs down. VAIO is bucking that trend and appealing to those that are willing to spend money for quality.


These Z laptops are not style over substance, either. Actually, these machines are very impressive and feature Skylake processors and NVMe drive options. Road warriors will appreciate the mind-boggling 15+ hour battery life for the clam shell variant ($1,499) -- the convertible flip model ($1,799) promises 11+ hours.

If you are on more of a budget, the "S" laptop line starts at $1,099. The chassis is not the same high-quality aluminum and carbon as its premium counterpart, but the magnesium it uses is nice too. It features things seasoned business users may desire, like dedicated trackpad buttons and VGA-out.

Regarding the "S" variant, VAIO explains, "when the laptop is opened, the keyboard is automatically tilted, making it more ergonomic and easier to type, reducing the stress on the palm and wrist. The keyboard is equipped with the same keys as the VAIO Z for quiet typing. The touch pad comes with separate left and right buttons to avoid mistouch and it is aligned with the center of the keyboard for more natural typing. The VAIO S also comes with Microsoft's Signature Edition software which eliminates pre-installed bloatware, making it an enjoyable user experience".

For many businesses, the "S" would be the best option for employee workstations -- the "Z" is more appropriate for executives where style and appearance are more important. The Z will be available on February 8, while the S is tentatively scheduled for March.

Would you buy VAIO laptops for your business? How do you think the brand compares to Dell, HP and Lenovo for the enterprise? Tell me in the comments.


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