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Account-based marketing (ABM) is one of the most effective approaches to B2B marketing, but historically users of the technique have struggled to scale it beyond a few accounts.

San Francisco-based YesPath is using the MarTech marketing technology conference to launch its new ABM offering using algorithms to select the right content and get it to the right person at the right time.

"Every day, companies are missing out on revenue because marketing and sales are not coordinated", says YesPath CEO Jason Garoutte. "When Sales learns something about a prospect's goals, that information does not get used in content or campaigns. Conversely, when Marketing collects data from digital campaigns, that information is not used by Sales. The problem affects every stage of the revenue cycle, from new business to renewals and upsells".

YesPath is a SaaS platform that constantly monitors a sales team's list of target accounts. It builds account profiles using massive amounts of data culled from the web. Based on these profiles, an engagement engine matches the right content to each account.

For example, if a marketing team wants to tell different stories for different use cases, YesPath can monitor a list of target accounts, watching for interest in those cases. When an account shows interest, YesPath can trigger an email to share appropriate content. It can also queue up a special offer for when that account visits the website. YesPath can also alert sales staff that it's time to place a call to a customer.

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YesPath uses an Intent Network, which analyzes signals of interest across the broader web. This gives marketers insight into the activity of potential customers who may not even have visited their website or otherwise shown direct interest.

The Intent Network uses data from partner Bombora, which tracks consumption of content across 3,000 b2b publisher sites, to detect changes in account interests. Based on these signals, YesPath learns which accounts are "in market" and whether they’re finding their way to the marketer's content. By combining this intent data with marketers' existing data it generates a more complete picture of the account and can power real-time content recommendations.

You can find out more YesPath on the company's website.

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