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Leader in open source databases MariaDB is announcing the release of its new big data analytics engine, MariaDB ColumnStore.

It unifies transactional and massively parallelized analytic workloads on the same platform. This is made possible because of MariaDB's extensible architecture that allows the simultaneous use of purpose built storage engines for maximum performance, simplification, and cost savings. This approach sets it apart from competitors like Oracle, and removes the need to buy and deploy traditional columnar database appliances.


"I've seen first-hand how traditional columnar appliances arose as reactions to the cost and complexity of Oracle," says Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB, "But these reactions have only increased complexity and cost further, and most importantly, over-looked critical features. In contrast, MariaDB ColumnStore is ACID compliant, blazingly fast, massively parallelized, and uses a distributed storage engine. What's equally important is its front end -- MariaDB, which provides the same interface, same security, same SQL richness simplifying management, reducing operating costs".

ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine for massively parallel distributed query execution and data loading. It supports a vast spectrum of use cases including real-time, batch, and algorithmic. It can perform complex aggregation, joins, and windowing functions at the data storage level to increase performance. MariaDB ColumnStore is an Open Source GPL2, a fork based on InfiniDB and open source community contributions.

The company is also announcing new data streaming capability in MariaDB MaxScale that will simplify real-time data propagation to external data lakes or data warehouses. This feature allows transactions in MariaDB to be replicated in real time to Hadoop or any other data store. It enables MaxScale and MariaDB to handle replication in mission critical applications without impacting performance. At the same time it includes all necessary metadata so that any program can read it, with no per-value overhead.

MariaDB ColumnStore will be available for beta testers next month, you can sign up for more information on the release on the company's website.

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